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Morning all

Both me and my girlfriend, Helen, have booked to go to this trip. Has anyone else booked? If so what are your training plans etc etc


phil hill

This site seems to send my message before  I have completed it!!!

Looking forward to the trip, in preparation I have walked across northern spain 35 days doing the camino

and in August I am doing the  mount blanc circuit with accompany called salamander.

Like to hear from anybody else doing the trip






phil hill


Hi Darren, Helen and Phil,
My wife Mary and I are really looking forward to our upcoming trip. We're having a week in Kathmandu before the trek so we will all meet up in the hotel the night before I guess. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year and promised ourselves a special trip. 28 years ago we did the inca trail, our only experience at high altitude. We are keen on walking and often head for the Lake District. We're well impressed with Phil's preparation - it puts ours to shame. We conquered the mighty gorge of Goblin Combe last weekend (just near Bristol Airport) without oxygen. We look forward to meeting up in Kathmandu and getting to know you all properly early in October.
Andy & Mary


Hello all.

Firstly Phil, bravo on the training! You are putting us all to shame! We live in flat Lincolnshire so training for altitude is proving tricky however we did do the inca trail last year and had no problems so fingers crossed! I am doing the tough mudder race next Saturday so have been using that mainly for my training whilst Helen has been overworking the stepper in the local gym!

I'm really looking forward both this trip and meeting everyone

Hi, I'm Fiona and am nowhere near Phil's level of training (although the Camino is on my hitlist). I'm mixing the gym with a few walks in the North York Moors, The Pennines and Scotland. I was out in Annapurna last year and can't wait to get back to the Himalayas.

Look forward to meeting you all  in Kathmandu.

Hi Darren, Helen, Andy, Mary  & FiFi

Crikey you are making me out to be a real athlete, I am just an average sailor who likes walking. The Mount Blanc was terrific and I intend to do it again next year. May even do the northern camino in Spain as well


Really looking forward to this trip, who is going to be at Heathrow airport on 4th 


phil hill

Erm, you lot have got me a bit worried, I signed up for this last week, never trekked (apart from army romps 20 odd years ago(never got in the army tho)), but I have been doing a little running/walking to try to get into shape, (about 30 minutes, 3 times a week), ill be at heathrow on the 4th, and have a few questions about kit,
Will we need to bring mattresses?
Will we get time to shop in Kathmandu?
Stuff like that

So far I make it
Darren and Helen
Andy and Mary

Only 4 weeks to go!!!!!




Our exodus bags came the other day, not long now!

I'm hoping that we get time to shop in Kathmandu as I was planning on picking up a dowjacket whilst there. The trip notes indicate that there is time to pick a few bits up.

Both myself and Helen are traveling from heathrow so we will see you there. I will be the one looking extremely excited and Helen will be looking like she wishes she was flying out to a tropical beach!

I have my run tomorrow so I'm going to be trying my best not to twist an ankle or get any other injury that will make this any harder! After that it will be a month of cycling, running and gym work for a final push.

I'm flying from Heathrow too.

You will get time in Kathmandu on the way out, but don't count on it on the way back! Often weather can delay flights back from Lukla. Well worth taking the time to explore as it's crazy chaos and great fun.

Cool, thank you fiona

Hi, Im just reading all your comms. I completed EBC last year on the Oct 26th Trip. All I can I say is truly amazing trip, I still talk about it now to friends and colleagues as if it was yesterday. A few pointers, take loads of snacks nibbles, such as mars bars, Energy gel drinks tabs, isolites for water. A down jacket is good, a mistake I made, I layered up but a down is defo worth it. It gets cold at night in the tea houses, and when the sun goes behind a mountain. Take a few memory cards I did over a 1000 fotos whilst there still look through and re edit. Sleep with your mobile or camera, nothing worse than a dead battery with the cold. Love lemon tea. Its great at 6.30 am. Wet wipes are your best friend. Most of all enjoy, ask questions, listen to your guide and sherpas they are brill. Even got to meet Valerie Parkinson a true legend.  final note. Trek at your own pace, don't rush the trek to Namche Bizaar on day two is supurb, first views of Everest. I thought I was fit. Alt sickeness hit me at Namche, and I knew it. Still the most amazing holiday even if leaving lukla, by helicopter was not the way I planned to end my trip. Still was amazing


Hi Darren, Helen, Phil, Fiona, John (and our other mystery companions),

This afternoon we head for Kathmandu.  Very excited/apprehensive.  Andy has had a few last minute knee problems.  So, if anyone sees me going fast on the trek just force me to slow down!  Have a good final week one and all and we'll see you at the hotel.  Andy & Mary.


Hi one and all.

Glad to hear that Andy and Mary have made it safely to Kathmandu and thanks for the advice! It is reassuring to hear that we can easily pick up some bits there as both Helen and I need a down jacket (plus having read about your map, I think I need one if those as well!).

Enjoy your last week of home comforts and we will see you all at heathrow/Kathmandu. I think Helen will need a few drinks before setting off so we will be in the airport bar!


* Tip for the visa is to print off the form at home and complete it before you travel - it makes for an easier life when we land. Otherwise you end up in the scrum for either a pen or a shelf to complete it on arrival.

 See you all at the weekend! Fiona 

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