Everest Base Camp TNT - 16th November - 3rd December 2012

Hi - Anyone else booked on this trip and want to chat in advance?

I'm traveling solo, so would be great to "pre-meet' my fellow Trekkers and compare notes on grub, kit list and general experience.

Look forward to hearing.....


Hi - is anybody else out there on this trip?? It would be great to hear from anybody who's planning to do this in 6 weeks...if you have not already done so register and get in touch...,


Hello David-Can't believe it is only 6 weeks away. I am doing this trip with my son and apart from a few walks, I have done little preparation so far. We went to Kili last year with Exodus and had a great time. Hope this will be as good. What about you, how have you been preparing?Have you done this sort of trip before? I have not thought too much about kit list yet, mostly I will reuse stuff from last time.

Well done to you for starting the chat off.



Hi Julian - nice to hear from you. I've been hill walking for 10 years or so, done loads in this country and some abroad ie. France and Spain as well as some long distance paths but nothing at this altitude so it'll be an experience and hopefully the first of many big walks. I've done a fair bit of prep for this trip mainly on Cadair Idris (which I love) as well as Snowdon and the Brecons but still expect to puff snd pant a bit :-) From what I've heard the pace should be slow - if that's the case I'm really looking forward to it. I've rustled up a kit list from the trip notes and a guide book - just need to get brutal and cut down based on weight. I bet Kili was great - I met someone in the Brecons a couple of weeks back who flies out there next week - I'm sure with that experience under your belt you'll be fine. You off anywhere "training" in the next few weeks? Stay in touch - look forward to meeting you. Count down starts here :-) David.


Hi David and Julian I just thought I would say hello as I am also on this trip I am travelling on my own. Not much experience of high trekking did snowdon last weekend which was great really looking forward to going just hope I don't get to many affects from the altitude. Got most of my gear now but any tips on what to take would be greatly appreciated. Jon


Hi, I am doing this trip with my son, have walked miles in the peaks and hope I am ready for this! Slightly worried about the altitude, but if the pace is slowish....fingers crossed. The bag has been packed and repacked so many times, only 5 days to do....look forward to meeting you all, Ruth


Hello Ruth.Yes look forward to seeing you too. Cannot believe it is only 5 days to go!! I have not walked enough, have not got all my stuff yet and have not packed a thing...apart from that I'm raring to go. I'm sure we'll all muddle through. I just feel like I have not done my homework... Anyway, see you all on Friday.Julian


Hello Julian, it's now 3 days, and I am raring to go too, I am sure you will be ready in time, hope I will! See you all Friday, Ruth



Good to read your chat, we're off on the same trek at the end of the month so getting ready, anxious and excited!! Just read the blog posted from a couple that have just been and sounds hard but well worth it.!! Like you, we're struggling with the weight , may have to leave some chocolate bars behind!!

We live in Cornwall so are really looking forward to the mountains rather than puffing along the coast paths!! 

Enjoy the challenge, it'll be a great experience 

Carol/ Ian 


Hello folks,

Glad to know others have been having the same thoughts or similar .... will i be on my hands and knees panting, have i packed enough or too little !!!

First time at high altitude for me, preparation includes heather hopping in the far north of Scotland and walking the legs off Flyn my loyal four legged training partner.

So look forward to meeting you all, see you soon. Karl        

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