Everest Base Camp trek.

I've just booked my solo trip with Exodus. Couldn't decide between The Inca Trail and Base Camp. I think i made the right decision. Off on the 23rd September '11. It would be good to discuss plans with others, especially packing and clothing options. I've done hot weather treks before but this is the first trek where i have to combat the cold.


Hi. This may have been mentioned already. Are others just bringing sterling into Nepal to change over to local currency when we arrive. According to trip notes you can pay visa in sterling and is easily exchangable to local currency.


Hi All,

Thats my plan to take sterling and change it over when we get there, i have to remember to wait until i fly down to London as i have ead that they do not accept Scottish notes! I am aslo getting my Visa in the airport - has anybody got their yet or are we all queueing together.

Nikki :-)


Same here - I have opted for the queueing at the airport option (might regret this later but hey). Re. money, i was thinking about using ATMs in Kathmandu? Only 2 weeks to go, I cannot wait. Feeling like you Nikki, a mixture of excited & nervous! N.


Hi All,

 I was planning on taking US dollars, but if they accept sterling that'll make things a lot easier :o)

I'm going to get my visa at the airport too.  Not checked the trip notes  for a wee while, but do you know if you need to provide passport photos when getting the visa?

Is anyone flying out of Heathrow on the 23rd?


PS.  Kerry - how are you??


Visa on arrival is fine, no worse than any other country. Takes maybe 45-60 minutes to get through. You do need one passport photo for the visa. I seem to recall you have to pay for the visa in USD, I did post about this earlier. Finally, you can change Sterling into Nepalese currency, but when you change back they will only give you USD. MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE IT BACK BEFORE GOING TRHOUGH SECURITY IT KATHMANDU because there is no exchange in the departure lounge.


Guy, you can pay for your visa in sterling (I read that they accept sterling, dollars and euros). I also read in the trip notes taht you need photos for a walking pass or something like that.

Flying out of Heathrow too!!

Kerry, we haven't heard from you in a while - how ae things??? 


Guy, you can pay for your visa in sterling (I read that they accept sterling, dollars and euros). I also read in the trip notes taht you need photos for a walking pass or something like that.

Flying out of Heathrow too!!

Kerry, we haven't heard from you in a while - how are things??? 


Thanks Natacha and Eric.  something less thing to think about!

 Hopefully this weekend i'll have everything sorted, packed, done and dusted (unusually organised for me) as work stuff is going to make life complicated over the the next couple of weeks.

Natacha and everyone else flying from Heathrow, do you want to meet up at the at LHR before the flight?




I am off to Vietnam tomorrow so won't be posting any more before you go. Take your time, go slowly and enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back. Nigel

Hope your Vietnam trip is just as great. Thanks for all the tips and advice, you've been really helpful.

Glad to hear you're all ready Guy. I think i'm nearly there too. Just need to get a few little bits and pieces. Toiletries and whatnot, 3 photos for my visa and trekking permits. I'm also flying from Heathrow.....need to check in 3 hours before, i think i read in the e-mail. 


Im flying from Heathrow too.  Meeting up a bit earlier would be good.  I am flying down from Scotland the night before so a bit of hanging around for me!!  This discussion is fab as its good to know everybody else is worrying about bits and pieces too!!!

 Thanks Nigel for all the tips and info- enjoy your trip.

I havent started packing yet so will need to pull my finger out.  Is everybody taking a warm puffa/down jacket?

I'll be taking my down jacket as i like to be snug and warm. It packs up small and is really light so it's not a big issue. Just putting together a little first aid kit. Nothing too drastic, just moleskin for blisters (hopefully i won't get any), plasters, antiseptic and painkillers. Got some all in one washing soap that's good for showering and laundry. Need to pick up some of those baby wipe things.....the list continues.

 Here's something i've just discovered. I take codeine tablets as painkillers. What's the situation regarding taking 30mg codeine tablets through customs? I understand Codeine's illegal in India. 


Hi all,

I've been AWOL for a while... Unfortunately my back has got progressively worse, even with me resting like a good girl. So I've had to cancel :-(

To say I'm gutted is an understatement... have been planning this all year and should be all set to go, and instead I'm in pain and miserable! I have got to go have a scan to see what's wrong... hopefully I can get fixed and then book for another time, as I'm determined to do this.

My lovely boyfriend has booked a weekend away for the weekend you'll be flying out, to take my mind of my woes, but will be thinking about you all, and looking forward to seeing all your pictures. You seem a lovely bunch of people, and I hope you have a fantastic time!

Take care,


Sorry to hear you won't be making it Kerry. I hope you're fit soon and able to book the trip again some time. Don't worry too much, Everest isn't going anywhere. Get yourself fit and try again next year.

Take care of yourself Kerry



I am so sorry to hear Kerry but you made the right decision - this is such a great trip, you want to be in tip top form to make the most of it... and we will have lots of tips for you on our return!!

Guy and others, meeting at LHR would be a good. I am flying from Dublin on Friday afternoon and my plane lands just after 5pm.

Getting really excited now - I've done most of my packing too but just like you Stephen, my list does not seem to end, I always seem to think about one more thing....


I'm a last minute packer. I use half of the stuff i'll be taking most weekends, so i'll be leaving my packing till after next weekend. I have spent some time writing out a nice packing list on my desktop and keep adding to it when i think of anything. I haven't added anything for a few days so i'm guessing i've listed everything i'll need.......i must have forgot something.


Sorry to hear your news Kerry.  I hope you get well soon.

I pretty much packed at the weekend, sjust need to finalise everything this weekend as I'm away on a training course most of next week (a tad inconvenient really). 

I'll aim to get to Heathrow for 5-6ish.  I only live a few miles away, so just need to time the taxi to avoid rush hour.


Hello everyone, I stopped by to say hi a while back but must admit to having been something of a silent observer since. I'm still in awe of the endless array of things I keep adding to the essential kit list! But with departure time fast approaching and excitement rapidly growing wanted to say thank you for all the tips shared and look forward to meeting you all and embarking on this fantastic trip!



Hi all, not long to go now. I'm just back from a work trip, now to work out what I'm going to pack.I'm taking sterling and changing it when I arrive, if I need more I will use the atms in Kathmandu. I already have my visa, but need to get another photo for my trekking pass. I'm driving to Heathrow on 23rd and parking in the long term parking at T4.Sorry you can not make it Kerry, see everyone else soon. Cheers Mark.



Has anyone had a look at the videos of the take off and landing at Lukla Airport?  Google or You Tube it (unless you are of a nervous disposition)!

The Lukla landing was the clincher of the trip for me. After realising we were flying into Lukla i booked the trip within about 10 minutes. Going to be an exciting start to the trip.

I'll be buying the last of my essentials tomorrow and packing on Sunday.

I'm just browsing for recommended restaurants to try in Kathmandu. Some interesting looking ones. 

In excitement, nervousness and anticipation i've been reading lots of reviews here on Exodus of peoples experiences on this trek. One thing that appears to spring up over and over again is what Shannon kindly came on and informed us of. Be sure to take a Buff or scarf to cover your nose and mouth as the trails can get extremely dusty. Some lozenges seem a good idea too. Also the pollution in Kathmandu can give you a nasty, hacky cough. If you don't take one i'm sure you can pick something up in Kathmandu.

Take care all, have a good preparation week.

See you all soon 

The epicentre was a 270km away in North East India. Looks like 5 people died in Nepal. Not sure what repercussions it may have on our trip but lets just hope there aren't anymore quakes or aftershocks for the sake of the people in the area.


Its sad about those killed in the earthquake, i guess we just have to wait and see if it will effect our trip but hopefully all will be okay.
The trip to/from Lukla looks awesome - cant wait!!!
Hope everybodys packing and sorting is going okay

is everybody having the issue where there sleeping bag takes up so much room in their bag? I think I may have to get one of them compressor things to make it smaller.


This is awful.... I only read about it this morning, I was so caught up in rugby, last trek before departure and packing yesterday that i missed it...


Just spoken to Exodus and they were unaware that there had been an earthquake.  They are looking into this and will call me back.  Will post any updates as soon as I hear.

 With fingers crossed I'm packed and a bit worried that my bag only weighs 11kg - not sure what's missing!!   I would say that it's a good idea to either wear your walking boots on the flight or take them in your hand luggage - just in case your bags don't make it to the other end.



Fingers crossed! Guy thanks for letting us know you have spoken to Exodus - will await your response from them.
I have opted to hire a sleeping bag from Exodus so that will free up a bit of space in my bag - which may not be good as it will make me put more things into my bag that i do not need!!



In light of the earthquake in Asia yesterday, we have been in contact with our local partners to check on the status of our groups and are happy to report that all group members and staff are safe and well. We do not envisage any changes to the groups itineraries that are currently operating.

There are a number of trips due out to Nepal and India this coming weekend and we are working with our local partners to establish if there will be any impact on those itineraries. We will contact clients individually if we need to make alterations to their trip.

We are monitoring the situation closely in case there are any further developments.

Our thoughts are with the people in the affected areas at this time.


Thanks for the update Guy. It looks pretty bad from what I read but it is hard to know how this will/could affect our itinerary. It is of course terrible for everybody living in the affected areas and my thoughts go to them.

On the packing side, i must admit i am impressed with your 11 kg - I'm not sure how I will limit myself to 20kg (and then down to 12 for  the lukla flight). Good advice re. boots; i will also keep a pair of trousers & a jacket, just in case...


I have been quite ruthless in what I take Natacha as in the past I've packed loads of clothing and other 'essential' bits and pieces then not worn/used most of it.   I'm also cheating a wee bit as boots, books, camera/lenses, etc will be in my day bag which is a few more kgs.  

Speaking of which (and the answer to this question is probably in the forum or notes) somewhere, but the 12kg allowance we have is that for everything, ie checked in bag + day bag = 12kgs or checked in bag = 12kgs  and then you can take your day bag a few more kgs in it?


Worry over, I found the answer in the FAQs.


Looks like the right answer too thankfully the way my packing's going, seems I'll be shouldering one heavy day pack on the Lukla flight!

Did all my packing yesterday. I'm weighing in at 12.5 kilos but i've got a kilo bag to leave in Kathmandu with some nice fresh clothes in. So that takes me down to 11.5 for Lukla (that includes nearly 2 kilos of snacks). I'll be wearing my boots and taking a fleece, spare shirt and my waterproofs in my daysac...just in case my bag goes missing.

Don't forget to copy all your details down in case of problems. Passport number, electronic ticket number, flight details, insurance details...etc. I've taken photos of them with my camera, my phone and scanned and e-mailed them to myself so i can access them online if need be.

I'm driving down to Heathrow on Friday for about 4.30pm. Should be in the pub by 5.


Hi all,  just spoken to Exodus and the trip is still going ahead as planned.

good news. I can also be in the pub for about 5ish.


This is brilliant news!!!! So excited!

Let me know where you are meeting and I will join once I arrive in LHR. 

Only 3 days to go..... 


Is there a specific pub in the Departure lounge to meet at or should we look for the Exodus bags in the Jet Airways queue :)


Fantastic!! Also aiming to get to LHR around 5, would be great to meet up. 80 hours & counting...!

I think there is a wetherspoons in terminal 4????


Good knowledge couchmac!   There's the Windsor Castle (Weatherspoons) befor security and Bridge Bar & Eating House after security.  Meet at the Windsor Castle for 5ish (the bags should give us all away)?

I pride myself on my terminal knowledge ;-)


Great stuff i look forward to meeting you all - yipppe. The Windsor Castle sounds good -we all going to meet before we check in?


Not sure what my situation will be re. luggage - hopefully, i will be able to check in everything through from Dublin. Anyway, i have to travel from T1 to T4 so i probably won't make it until after 6. I will meet you the other side of security...


I think we all share your disappointment that you won't be able to join us on this trip.  Hopefully we can catch up with you again in the arrivals lounge when we return to share some our experiences and pass on some tips to you, so when you do the EBC trip you'll be able to enjoy if fully.

I hope your back is getting better and look forward catching up with you again soon  G x 


That's me on my way from Scotland down to heathrow then overnighting in a hotel. Hope I haven't forgotten anything! Mind you my bag weighed in at 16 kg-need to eat some of my jelly babies! Safe travelling to the airport and see you all tomorrow Nikki


just to wish you all a fabulous time :)  I've picked up some really good tips - thanks to everyone (& soz for jumping in when I don't go til November - Kerry: come with me!)

 x  Pamela


I must say I have been thoroughly entertained after literally stumbling across your forum !! I do hope you are able to help me with my enquiry .  After my trip to Machu Picchu last year and wanting to go bigger and better , following several bicep curls with an extremely large glass on Pinot my sis and I have decided to "attempt" to hike Kilimanjaro next December .  I am intrigued by these magic socks ( and pants ) and I understand one of you has hiked Kili before ? Any tips on how you coped at both Everest and Kili with the altitude would be greatly appreciated and where on earth can I buy magic attire ??

Merry Christmas to you all


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