EVEREST & GOKOYO LAKES - 10th March 2010

What sort of training are you doing prior to going on the trip?


Am not on your trip, was looking at another March departure, but did a similar trip to yours a couple of years ago.  You can't really train for the altitude, but do maybe a couple of long weekends hill walking and wear in your boots if not done so already.  If you go to a gym try the stepping machines.  You don't need to be superfit, just have stamina to walk all day and get your muscles used to going up and down hills - the more fit and used to hill walking you are, the more you'll get out of the trip.

You'll love the trip by the way, scenery and people are fantastic and the detour of the lakes is well worth it. 



Hi Ellie,

Am going to Base Camp on 12th March, and doing various things for training -

gym - mainly CV which currently is stuff like spin and step machine, but also stability ball for core strength.hill fitness - min of 1 full weekend in the UK mountains plus I'm doing a week mountaineering course in Scotland in January. This is cos I love the snow, but also a guarantee of having five hard mountain days after each other. Great way to ensure legs, boots etc can take the heat lol!!Wearing daysac at work containing weights - helps with general fitness.

I know this sounds a lot (and maybe it is!! ha ha) but I'd rather go there to enjoy the experience, rather than possibly suffering. Hope this helps. Pete


Sorry - hill fitness should've read 1 weekend per month in the mountains. Muppet!! lol


Hi Ellie

I am going on this trip and have started a strict training regime to ensure that I reach the requisite fitness level. At least once a week for the last week, I have walked across the road to the high-rise block opposite. There, using a sophisticated combination of stair and lift work - mainly lift if I am honest-, I have got up as many floors as I can until my nose starts to bleed. I then make way home and settle down on the sofa with a large G&T and a packet of high protein Twiglets. So far so good...


I like the sound of the lift, sounds like my kind of training, I was supposed to go over Christmas but it was cancelled, so ive re-booked to go March.  Im working in Germany at the moment doing nights which makes training very difficult, I also have a weekend job in the UK so massively struggling although have good intentions, they (as in me) say mental training is just as important.


Hi Everyone - thanks for the posts.  Glad not everyone is doing serious training   I keep myself fit and had intending to up my training regime but so far it hasn't really happening!  Glad us females have some hormonal advantage  -it means I might have a chance of keeping up with my boyfriend on the trip!

Does anything know how many people are booked on the trip?


I have just booked for this trip. are people getting any specific jabs for this trip as some are advised but not essential?



I went to the doctors to have Hep A, typhoid (these can be done as one jab),tetanus, polio, dipheria (these are one jab) -are are the recommended ones and also free of charge.  I also went to the Nomad Clinic at the weekend and opted to also have Hep B and Rabies - for these you need to have a course of 3 jabs  - day one, day 7 and day 28 - it is personal choice whether you choice to get these ones but I thought just it was worth getting them done - they will cost you just under £70 altogether with the nomad voucher.  Ellie


Im not planning on sleeping with anyone there so wont go for the hepB, hepA is water bourne so thats a definate.  Do you need yellow fever, does anyone know?


Hi everyone, just booked this trip last Sat! Original plan was to join a local (Australian) adventure company for the Mid-Apr departure, but the trip got cancelled. Just wondering if anyone is going to India after this trip?

Look forward to meeting you all on 11 March!


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