Everest - Sun 30 Jan - Wed 16 Feb 11


Is anyone else going on this date?



I'm also going on the 30th Jan - counting down the days and generally feeling excited about the trip (a little nervous too). Have you done any exodus trips before?  


Hi Stephanie

I traveled with exodus to Killimanjaro and they are an excellent tour company to be with. See my pics here http://www.exodus.co.uk/photos/album/1595

I too feel a little nervous about this trip as I think it could be a little tougher than Killi and it will be winter in the himalayas at this time of the year. The nights/early mornings will be quite chilly, keeping my toes warm will be at the top of my list :)

I haved looked at many pictures of Everest over the years, I feel drawn to it, rather just wanting to go on holiday. I can't wait to meet the people of Nepal and experence a little of their way or life.

What are your thoughts on this trip? Do you like travelling or do you have tick list?


Hello Sofaspud,

Yeah, I'm really into travelling but I go for experiencing other cultures rather than a 'holiday'. I'm definately more of an 'off the beaten track' kinda gal.

Likewise, I'm also drawn towards Nepal, but also Mongolia. I'm not sure why, but I've been like that since I was a kid. Always those two places.

Are you doing any fitness training for this trip?


Hi Stephanie

Mongolia isn't a place I had considered untill you mentioned it. Tibet is also a place I'd very much like to visit because I have an interest in their culture & the buddhist philosophy.

Sadly I won't be using a gym as the nearest is 13 miles away. I'll have to pound the pavement with a heavy backpack for serval hours during the winter and hope it's going to be enough.

I do think these trips are more about stamina than fitness. Killi taught me a lot about walking in thin air for long hours and it will be tough going after 4,000 mtrs. As long I can put one foot infront of the other without causing injury to myself I might just make it.

Are you heading for the gym? Any other prep before the trip?



Going to the gym? You must be kidding. I hate those places. I climb twice a week already, but I'm trying to spend as many weekends as possible trekking up mountains in the lead up to departure. I went to Wales to climb Snowdon the hard way last weekend and I'm doing the 3 Yorkshire Peaks in 2 weeks time. I will probably go back to Snowdon for more 'winter' training.

In between all of that I'm pounding the pavements and the stairs (gradually adding weights) and just generally walking everywhere. It's part of the Denali training programme (there are various available if you google it) which is for serious mountaineering - 6 days of exercise and 1 day off. In essence I just want to be at my best in terms of fitness, although as a climber I would agree that 90% of it is stamina and plain stubborness for carrying on and not giving up. It's all in the mind!  


I have treated myself by booking this trip for my 40th b'day. I have booked all by myself ! as nobody else wanted to come with me ! I am not too bothered though as I am hopeful that the group I will be with will be of like minded people.

I am very nervous though, even though it's 4 months away. Getting paranoid over what to take, what not to take etc etc ....

I also had lots of plans to get fit... not done much yet ! As I live only a few miles from the heart of Snowdonia, I hope my walks and scrambles there will serve me well.... I hope !!

p.s. Glas i'm not the only nervous one !


Is anyone getting their visa in advance or are you guys getting one on arrival?

Also, is anyone else flying out of Manchester?

Getting super excited about the trip! I think my backpack will be full of kendal mint cake! :)

It takes about 5 minutes to get the visa when you get to Kathmandu. I was there last month en route to Bhutan. It costs around 25 US dollars for 15 days but as we are there for over 15 days, a 30 days one might be required and this costs around 40US dollars. There are a couple of forms to complete and you will need a couple of passport photos.
I am in the process of getting my gear ready and getting fairly excited.


Steels on wheels,

Where are you located, maybe able to offer you a lift. My father will be driving me to Heathrow from North Wales... any use to you ??

Anybody bought down jacket and sleeping bag yet ? Or is it wise to rent or buy in kathmandu ??


Was speaking to Exodus the other day, although this trip is guaranteed there are only 5 of us on it so far.. don't know how I fee about this... quite good I think, nice small group, we will definately get to know each other !!!

 Just over 8 weeks to go... can't wait......


Hi Guys,

 I am also going on this trip, did all of you buy your sleeping bags in advance? I am not so sure whether to do that or rent one in Kathmandu. Steels on wheel, Ill also be there earlier so perhaps we can meet up!


Hi, not long now !! I thought about buying a sleeping bag, but then thought what's the point, will I really ever use a 4/5 season bag again ? I spoke to Exodus and they have arranged the hire of a bag along with liner all for the very reasonable sum of just 25 pounds, not bad for nearly 3 weeks.

Anybody else had thoughts on how much kit to take ? I spoke to a chap who went on the trip in october 2009 (bit warmer that when we are going) and he said that he only, on the actual trek, 2 pairs of walking trousers and a couple of tops. Basically he said you just get a bit smelly ! But nobody seems to mind.

 Anyway can't wait to meet up with everybody... see you all on the 31st !!!


I've met a few people who have done the trip and they essentially brought one set of clothes for day wear, another set for night wear and one set of clothing that was left behind in Kathmandu for the flight home. The kit bags Exodus provide are quite huge so goodness knows what people must pack into them. In any case, merino wool thermals were recommened by everyone.

I suppose there's no point in buying down feather kit or specifically a down feather sleeping bag unless you plan on using it after the trip.

Julia -are you flying out of Manchester too? We'll definately have to meet up if we get there before everyone else. 

Looking forward to meet you all! 





Hi everyone,

I just ordered some merino thermal underwear from icebreaker..quite expensive but I have heard a lot of good stuff about it, so hopefully worth the investment. I am also taking the exodus sleeping bag, staff assured me that its warm enough. Stephanie, no Im flying out of Amsterdam and arrive the 29th, just looking at a hotel to stay for those 2 nights. Let me know when you get there!


Hello everyone,

My name is Kunjang Lama and I am leading this Everest Base Camp trip. Hope everyone's getting ready as not too long time to go now.

The weather's gonna be really cold so be prepared and bring your warm clothes.

Also, be sure that all of your insurance covers you upto 5545m the highest point of this trek and bring 2 copies of photographs which we need to issue the trek permit.

 If you have any further more queries then please do let me know. See you soon....


Julia - I'm arriving in Kathmandu on the 31st Jan at 11:45am but I'm not sure what time I'll be at the hotel. You can always leave a message at the hotel reception for me to pick up when I check in so we can meet up.  


Hi Stephanie, ok Ill do that! Looking forward to meeting you all :)

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