Everest trails and Ama Dablam


Just received amazing xmas present....a trip to nepal!!

Love to hear from anyone going on the everest trails trek in April 2012.


Hi Liz,

Was just checking through the "What Now" stuff on Exodus for our upcoming trip, and saw your posting ... guess you're on the same trip as us, (dead exciting, isn't it :-))). We've been doing a bit of training over the past few weeks, but not as much as we should! Have you done any treks before, or like us is this your first one? Not looking forward to the toilets - but everything else sounds great. Are you flying with the group, or making your own way? We're doing the latter. Let us know how your prep is going.

Kind Regards,

Lawrence & Ann


Hi Lawrence and Ann

Great to hear from you!  Yes, I'm training too...I've never done a trek before so am slighlty anxious about things like altitude sickness....toilets I haven't thought about yet!  I've been to India a few times so know what to expect!!

I've bought some good hiking boots which I'm wearing in at the moment...not sure what type of jacket to take though.

I'm flying out of Perth and into Kathmandu...where are you flying from?



Hi Liz, lovely to hear from you again. Eight weeks on Saturday ... (not that we're counting :-) 

April is a hard month to predict from a weather perspective, so we're going for layers rather than winter woolies! We both invested in a GoreTex jacket, with fleece/base layers underneath, (great for UK this time of year!!) ... At least if it's roasting, we can strip off.

On the subject of altitude sickness, I got some diamox a few weeks back & tried a few (to check for any reaction). My advice is, if you haven't tried diamox - don't. They dehydrate you like a sponge .... a "needs must" if you ask me - a good water bottle, plenty of headache tablets, & chocolate sounds like a better plan !!!!

With ref to our flights, we're flying out of Dublin, via London & Bangkok, getting in Monday lunchtime. Is it Perth Scotland or Perth Australia you're flying in from? We from Northern Ireland & were emailing people from here who trekked to base camp last October - they said we'll love it, it's an amazing trip.

So I think we're pretty much all set to go, apart from a few final bits and pieces. Got our Visa's sorted through the mail - just need to keep at the walking every other weekend.

Email us anytime on [email protected] rather than through exodus. That way we'll pick it up quicker.

Great to hear from you again, keep up the training !

Lawrence & Ann

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