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Given the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Japan, etc., there is a need for Exodus to consider the issue of its customers from the United 'States.  While it is appropriate for Exodus to follow the direction of the British Foreign Office, it is important to consider the direction of the United States Dept. of State as well.  A recent example would be in travel to Egypt.  While the British FO was evaluating travel to the region, the US Dept. of State issued a strongly worded direction against all non-essential travel to the region.  Based on that warning, US airlines canceled flights and left those of us from the US in the position of having out government advise against travel to the region and our means of getting to the embarkation point of the tour, yet being unable to cancel our tour because the Foreign Office had not taken similar action.

 If Exodus seriously wants those of us from the US to join their trips, which I am sure is the case, there must be some consideration given to the directions and warnings issued by OUR government as well as those of Great Britain.



Hi Upchucked,

Exodus are a British company forming part of the TUI group listed on the London Stock Exchange.   

If Exodus did follow your advice, where would it end? i've been on 3 Exodus holidays and not yet met anyone from the US.  I have however met many from Canada, Ireland, Australia and Europe....should the foreign office advice of all these countries be taken into consideration too? 

I do not belive Exodus need not reevaluate their position on this one.  All they can do is ensure foreign nationals are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance protecting them against just such an incident when booking the holiday.


there was a time when the sun never sets on the british empire . that is no longer the case exodus markets their products extensively in the united states . as such it should follow the ex of the united states department of state . if the united states department of state issues a travel advisory ,u s citizens are not allowed to travel. exodus must either in here to those advisories for refrain from marketing in the united states . and while you have traveled without having americans on your trips my trip leaving tomorrow most certainly does have americans

if I were a british subject I would the concern that mean department of state is more proactive that the british foreign office . it may simply me a question of the size of the respective departments or it maybe a case of the ever famous british stoicism . in any case I stand by my original comments re: the department of state pguidelines when it comes to u s citizens traveling on exodus tours


Marketing within a country does not oblige you to follow the foreign office advice of that country.   I've recently returned from a wonderful holiday in Cuba.  If we all followed the advice of the US this would not be possible.

Utlitmatley, i don't want to turn this into a slanging match.  You must see that realistically there is a limit to the number of governments Exodus can listen to.   As i mentioned before, it all comes down to insurance!


Who can ever know? Right now the Australian government advises it's citizens not to travel in Morocco. The UK advises "extreme caution". The US says little or nothing as does Cananda. I am leaving for Morocco from the US on April 8 based on the collective information I am able to find the week before my departure and the fact that Exodus has not canceled my trip. Unfortunately the world is in turmoil....but I want to see as much of it as possible anyway. Hopefully there will be no canceled flights.

I do agree that Exodus might consider the traveler's comfort level and offer an alternate destination when there is such turmoil going on  in the region. Who wants to be scared all the while on their vacation? I would hate to have to decide between losing money and being frightened all the time.


 [quote]do agree that Exodus might consider the traveler's comfort level and offer an alternate destination when there is such turmoil going on[/quote]

Quite a difficult thing to do as each trip is designed based on specific aims - that is after all why people go on 'adventure' holidays - to achieve a specific goal, be it Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail or whatever.

Morocco has always been a hotbed of dangerous activity for the traveller IF they went to the wrong areas (in particular the south).  The Atlas Mountains and main cities are very safe... 

Dear Upchucked et al,

I just returned from a wonderful trip with Exodus in Egypt. Canada lifted their advisories the day before our departure, but my friends and I were going even if they hadn't. My point is, all a government can do is 'advise' you not to go whereas I do not think there were any 'restrictions' imposed on Egypt. Our travel arrangements were with Air France out of Toronto via Paris to Cairo and we did not have any issues. In the end, we had a wonderful trip travelling all over Egypt and felt completely safe and Exodus made sure of that. The Egyptian people could not have been more welcoming i.e. men, women and children greeting us with a genuine 'Welcome'! everywhere we went even blowing kisses.  It was great.


Could be worse. I hear Blackpool & Skegness are far more dangerous than anywhere else in the world.



My husband and I live in Las Vegas, NV, USA and we have been on several Exodus tours and recommend Exodus over US tour companies we have traveled with. I like traveling with Europeans since they are far more active than Americans and far more sophisticated travelers. Also, more fun and we have been warmly welcomed. Last tour we were the only Americans.

Victoria Alexander


I suspect it would make more sense to the residents of a particular country to follow that country's overseas travel advice.

Any travel agent is only obliged to follow the advice of its own government.  However, if I follow FCO advice travel to Spain would be too great a risk when compared to countries like Angola...

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