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Hi all.  My wife and I are thinking about embarking on our first expedition later this year to Morocco.  Has anyone done the Toubkal trek and can advise her how good / bad the toilet / washing facilities are along the way please.  This is her only real concern and I would be really grateful if someone could  put her mind at rest.  Thanks

Hi,  I'm Olly and I'm in the Exodus sales team.  I did the Mount Toubkal climb last year.  Most of the gites are quite comfortable and they all have western-style toilets.  You can wash in the sinks each day.  If you've any further questions about the trek, please let me know.  I'd be happy to answer your queries.  You can send an email to [email protected]


Just to hijack this thread, if I may.  I am on the winter climb trip in February... is there the option to leave a bag with clothes in it at the hotel whilst on the mountain?  It doesn't say anything about this in the trip notes, whereas on the Kilimanjaro trip notes for my trip in September is stated you could (and we all did).




Hi Andy - I work in the product team and can confirm that the hotels will allow you to leave minimal items for the duration of the week so you can pick them up at the end. We dont recommend it in the trip notes because the start and end hotel changes for each departure and some hotels are happy with this arrangement whereas others are not. So the Hotel Hasna or Oudaya are happy to keep hold of certain items (but please be aware this is at your own risk) whereas the Meyriem do not always offer this service. I hope this answers your question and feel free to send me any more of your questions. Thanks, Amanda


I am booked on the long weekend trip starting 20/4/11, can you confirm what hotel we will be staying at, so that I know whether I can leave a small holdall whilst away for the few days. Thanks, Kevin


I did Kili in 2009, we carried a daysac and our sleeping bags and some spare gear was carried by porters (15kg max). Does the same apply to the Mt Toubkal trip or will we need to carry everything ourselves? Thanks, Kevin


Thanks for the reply - I will probably play it safe and not bother!

 K Devlin - I believe they use Donkeys to transport your kit on Toubkal, you carry a daysack as you did on Kili for your essentials.  The donkeys are (I believe) the reason why there is no weight limit stipulated on the trip notes (though spare them a thought when packing!!)


Re - Toilets....They do NOT have normal Western toilets at the gites. I did this trip in June last year with my son and the first two stops had squat toilets, and they werent especially clean. That doesnt bother me in the slightest, but my son was less keen. The only place they have Western toilets is at the base camp place, but you may have to queue for them.

And yes, donkeys do carry main kit bags, you just carry your day sack. 

 Nice trip, good value for money. Pretty hard going in the summer TBH, felt harder than Kilimanjaro at times (Ive done both)


Hi just wondering re a few issue - am doing the trip on the 23rd sept and wondering about temperatures. I have been told that it will be warm in Marrakesh but cold e.g. 5C in the day - cooler at night is this correct and if so are down jackets etc. required/advised for at night. WE are also staying in tents for the majority of nights so re toilets???? what is the case here? e.g. toilet tent, latrine. Also wondering as to the level of fitness required - did the Everest base camp trek 2 years ago and found I was ok - is this trek more difficult or of equal difficulty? cheers Harriet

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