Fellow Adventurers!

Hello fellow adventurers. I have recently booked onto the Everest Base Camp Trek departing on the 14th Dec.

It would be great to get any tips from the rest of the group on how you plan to prepare for the trip. Feel free to drop me a line!



Hi there - I'm booked in too. Off to look at decent sleeping bags today!


Hey Dan, Good to hear from someone else on the trip! I am planning to hire my sleeping bag and down jacket from Trek Hire UK, I have hired with them before and they are great.

I am really looking forward to it, and obsessed at looking at you tube videos about other peoples experiences!


Hi there, 

Nice to see there's at least three of us on the trip! Has anyone done anything on this scale before? I'm very excited about the whole thing and I'm also obsessed with viewing videos/pics of the trek...Only 8 weeks to go!! Can't wait!





Hey Maxine, great to hear from you!  I have climbed Kilimanjaro before, but I must say this will be a totally different climb.

Bought some hard core gloves today, set me back a bob or two! I am going on a 20 mile trek next weekend in the Surrey Hills....really trying to prepare as much as possible....it's not easy!

Are you doing any kind of training?

Pleased that I am not the only one obsessed with the video watching/pics.....I can't wait either!!! Bring it on...






Hi Laura,
Thanks for your reply. Blimey! 20 miles, that's pretty hardcore! You'll put me to shame! Have had a personal trainer for a few months which has helped immensely, lots of gym work plus a visit to Snowdonia a few months ago and a couple of treks in the Brecons...I suppose the altitude will be the biggest issue on this trip, but I'm trying to get as fit as I possibly can. Any tips from Kilimanjaro?
With the amount of gear I keep buying, I should have shares with Go Outdoors!

Ha. Sooo jealous. Did this a couple of years ago and it was amazing.
4-5 season sleeping bag a must. Evenings are chilly so duvet hacket is key. Bought mine in Kathmandu ( Shonas).
Almost everyone had headaches/ sore throats/ chest infections so take some medication for that.
Take spare camera batteries ( and keep them next to your bodies to preserve their charge).
Headtorch, layers, sense of humour.... Just enjoy the moment. Life en route to Base Camp is simple and beautiful...



Hey Caroline, thanks for the message.

Have not heard of a duvet jacket - good shout. I really do feel the cold, and want to make sure I am warm enough at night.

I suffered badly from altitude sickness whilst climbing Kili - so will be prepared for the symptoms at least this time.

It would be great to know what time of year you did this? Just about to invest heavily in a waterproof jacket and trousers - as I believe in December it may snow.






Yeah, thanks for the info Caroline, will certainly take your advice on board.

We were end Oct/ early Nov. No way to avoid AMS but drink way more than you think you need to ( if you've done Kili then you know all this!). Lowest temp at night (in room) was about -10 so slept with camera batteries in pocket!
I slept with an emergency blanket one night ( the type you get after marathons) but wish I'd been better prepared for cold. Definitely worth a 5 season sleeping bag.
Hope you enjoy your trip. I think that of all my travels EBC was the best ever.

All the best



Hey Caroline - really good advice, thanks for taking the time to email.

Will definately prepare more than I was going to for the temperature.

Many Thanks




I too am on the trip, so that makes 4 of us on this page.

Really looking forward to this trip-its the first time I have been to this part of the world

Ive been shopping for equipment this weekend so have the down jacket and sleeping bag ready as I dont like feeling cold

Has anyone done this sort of trip before or travelled with Exodus ?

Would be good to hear where everyone is coming from, I am in Solihull, West Midlands

Look forward to hearing from you and getting on the trip

 Cant Wait !! 


Hello Deaks, 

Welcome aboard! I can't wait either, like you I have never been to this part of the world before.

I have always travelled with their competitor Explore, who have always been brilliant...so my first time with Exodus. I have climbed Kili before, and to date is the best thing I have ever done. So I have high hopes for EBC.

I come from Richmond Upon Thames - so a few miles south of Solihull! Looking to ensure I have as many layers as I can cram into my small bag to try and fend off the bitter cold.

If anyone has any clever ideas on other items that are small and light, please let me know....








Anyone got any good quotes for travel insurance that covers you up to 5,500m?

Just bought a snugpak elite 4 sleeping bag which should do the trick.

 I'll be coming from Worthing, West Sussex.


I got my insurance through Exodus, seemed reasonable.

I have also been doing a lot of shopping for the trip recently. I have bought a down filled jacket, lots of base layers & hired the sleeping bag, again with Exodus for £25...Is hiring one recommended or would you guys buy your own sleeping bag? Not sure what to do...

Also, is anyone getting their visa beforehand or on arrival? I was advised to get it on entry.  

I'll be coming from Cardiff so I'm used to the cold & rain!



Hi Guys, 

I too like Caroline have booked my insurance with Exodus. At first I was taken by surprise at the cost....and did a little research online to see if I could find it cheaper.....however - no one could seem to guarantee the altittude clearly - so I guessed I would go with Exodus...who can.

I have hired a sleeping bag before - and I personally would recommend it, and doing it again for this trip - just make sure you have time to check it over (incase you noice a flaw and need to go for plan B - you don't want that to let you down...

I was told to obtain the VISA at the airport by Exodus - and am planning to. In terms of cash / ATM vs cards - I have not looked into this - and advice would be welcome.

I also have a trip to the doctors booked to get any innoculations required next month.

The list is endless! 


I checked my travel insurance with Barclays Additions Plus and it covers you to 5000m! 500m short of EBC! Might stick with that and hope I don't come a cropper above 5000m!

 Has everyone paid the balance on the trip? I've had no reminder as yet.


Hey Dan - All paid up from my end. I had to pay my final balance by the 19th October.



I've paid on the 19th too!
Thanks Laura for the sleeping bag tips...

Just want to get there now!


Well, In 3 weeks we will be well into our trek -exciting !

Hope you are all ready and raring to go and got all your warm gear ready.

Kit bag has arrived so it really feels close now

Are we all on the same flight from heathrow on the 14th ?  look forward to seeing you all :-) 


I'm very excited, can't believe how quickly it's crept up on us.
See you all at terminal 4 with our matching kitbags!


Do u all have some space for me ???
This is your tour leader Dawa jangbu lama
Namaste ,, I have read all your posts and it seems everyone is really prepared.
I was there 3 weeks ago so I will be leading this trek , if you have any thing to ask please do ,,

And I am sorry for being late I just arrived from Langtang trek and I am back again on a bike tour(Royal enfield ) but I will still be signing in ,, see ya


Hello Dawa jangbu,

Great to hear from you and put a face to our leader, do,you know the total number on the trip- is it the full 16 ?

A couple of questions if I may-

Will there be snow underfoot and do we need gaiters ?

Do we need sleeping mats or are there matresses provided 

Whats the weather like and  the chances of it raining ?

 See you soon everyone- 8 sleeps to Go ! 




Well,,, we get common rooms with thick mattresses ,,, do not bring Mattresses only if u want to donate it ,, just kidding

Instead gaiters are important in some point , being a leader for exodus for 6 yrs I have always carried One , no matter what ,, we got to be well equipped ,, so Pls bring or u can buy it here in ktm , cheap one s ,,, this does not mean there will be snow for sure , just in case

Rain in the mountains very less if it does ,,,
Snow Might have it coz of Christmas and a surprise and I guess we will have been to base camp that day ,,, Big celebration with headaches ,,, haha

I never listen to the weather forcast ,, I never do trust them , Instead I rather be fully equipped,,, ,, I guess u know 2 pp size photos to bring ,,,
If u are allergic to any thing Pls do bring the medications ,, I will be happy to carry it



jangbu dawa

We are 15 in total ,,,,


Hi Guys, my name is Jenni and I am joining the trip in Kathmandu (I am from Australia).  I will say I am a little nervous about it all, I have climbed Killi and had a really good time with that, but I don't consider myself superfit!  Looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday. Jenni


Hey Jenni - great to have you on board - especially as you have also climbed Kili (like me)! I was super fit when I climbed Kili........but that was 3 years ago - cannot say the same this time round.

Dawa - great to hear from you, I am very excited about the trip and if I have any questions over the next few days - I will let you know.

6 more sleeps to go!



Hi everyone

 I'm Lee from London, I'm flying out from Heathrow this Fri on the Base Camp trip :-)

 Q1 - How much CASH should I bring to exchange once in Nepal and should it be in Pounds or US Dollars ??

 Q2 - Are there porters who carry all our stuff other than just a day pack ?

Q3 - Anyone stopping over in Delhi on the way back for a few day's like moi ?

Jenny, you'll be fine we'll all look out for each other. We're a TEAM ! 


Coming from Australia they don't give me a kitbag - but I need to get one - can someone (maybe Dawa) tell me how big they are and/or if I can get one in Kathmandu? Cheers Jenni 


Hey there,

Not long too go now! Hey Jenni, I'm quite nervous too, my fitness levels are not what they used to be, perhaps we can drag each other up the mountain! I think I'll be taking my cash in pounds sterling and changing them in Kathmandu. What's everyone else doing? Looking forward to meeting you all in the weekend!




Money matters :
U will need 400 to 450 pounds( my advice )
for the trek this includes ur food , drinks , shopping and tips for our staff that's the sirdar, two Sherpas ( asst guide ) and the yak man ( so we will have yaks carrying our bags ) not porters .

You can change money here in kathmandu or get cash from ATM's

Exodus kit bag can allow u to have 12 kgs , if u have hired. A sleeping bag you got to choose the most , I mean things You really need. other wise it's ok ,,, we will just carry back packs during the day



jangbu dawa

U can get kit bags here in ktm , pls tell me the first thing you do when you see me ,,, it's like 15 pounds for a kit bag


Thanks Dawa, I have bought a kitbag as I wanted to check what exactly I could fit in it.  I am hiring a sleeping bag and duvet jacket to pick up locally, do both of these need to fit in as well? Cheers Jenni 


Two more happy souls joining this trip (and sorry for being so late to the post), Vincent and Connor.  We are flying via Dohar, so, will see you in Kathmandu.  I'm  completely new to this type of thing (was in Nepal about 20 years ago and did a bit of walking!), I'm pretty nervous (haven't done as much fitness work as I should), Connor (who is my nephew and at 22 is a superfit rugby centre) has all the confidence of youth and reckons he can carry me up if worst comes to the worst.  Looking forward to seeing you all shortly.    




jangbu dawa

That's great jenny ,, yes you got to fit in the duvet and the sleeping bag in there ,, it's a challenge ....


jangbu dawa

Namaste Vincent and Connor ,, gr8 to hear from you too ,,,, welcome ,,,



Hi to the newcomers...Lee, Vincent and Connor!

Dawa I have one question. It is proving a challenge to get the my kit down to just 12kg in the kit bag. I am assuming that this does not include our rucksack weight? Therefore I will transfer some weight!

Vincent, can you put my name on the list for your nephew to carry me up also when the going gets tough?!

Hope everyone is super excited (and as nervous) as I am....

Till Heathrow Terminal 4...



jangbu dawa

Back pack u can carry 5 kgs that's 12 +5 = 17 kgs altogether ,,,,

Good luck ,,,,


Dawa - I arrive late Friday night and have to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel - I hear I need to bargain - what is reasonable to pay for this?  


jangbu dawa
350 to 400 NRs is a good price at night ,,,, just say you have been here in Nepal many times,,,, I am sure this will help ,,


Hey All, hope you have now recovered from the Everest experience!

I have nearly finished editing 100's of my photos and if you would like to see them when they are ready....just send me your email address and I will send you the link.

Would love to share them with you, and if you have any that you would like to share with me...here is my email address: [email protected]

Take care,


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