Fellow travellers?.

Looking forward to meeting the group and taking what will be a fantastic trip

Hi, I'm on the trip too and really looking forward to it. Dont we fly on the 14th though?!


Hmm ! Not a good start is it when I get the wrong date? Yes you are quite right it is the 14th.! We're Jo and Martyn Tate, always wanted to do an African trip - finally got around to it. Can't wait to see the wildlife.

As long as you get it right on the day! Living near Gatwick I'm disappointed the nice, easy direct flight now involves Heathrow and Frankfurt but I'm sure it will all be worth it!


Coming from Wetherby in Yorkshire, we have a long journey to either Gatwick or Heathrow. In fact for us Heathrow is better, but I'm not impressed by the detour to Frankfurt and all the waiting. Still as you say it will be worth it.

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