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Hi - is anyone going to Petra and if so please share any 'top tips' you may have been given.....


Yep, going alright, looking forward to it. Never been to that part of the world before, so can only go on what is in the trip notes. The usual, sun cream, drink water etc. leave the ski's at home :-)



No way!!!!!! Although sand skiing's suposed to be great :-) all the normal stuff is organised just trying to work out what I might've forgotten.

Hi, I did this trip last year, and the good news is you've picked a good one. Some advice then...

- stick to bottled water where possible. Even hotel sink water is a risk!

- stout shoes or trainers are probably good enough...walking boots are overkill.

- do not dunk your head in the Dead Sea. It burns your eyes! If you must, then have a water bottle nearby. The mud is well worth it and cheapest to buy when there.

- Petra is incredible...so much more than just the Treasury. The Monastery is well worth the hike. There is also a hidden path that takes you above the treasury, so you come out atop the side facing it. If you walk through the Siq, follow the line of tombs to the right as the Siq opens up. Keep right and take a U behind the tombs to find stairs going up a steep sided gorge.

For the adventurous, try following the riverbed on day 2 instead of going into the Siq. Its a rough scramble in places - the odd boulder to climb - but no one else will be there and the rocks / wildlife there can be just amazing. 

-  get a star map on your phone for the desert night. And it was boiling when we did it - sleeping bag was too hot. That night though...one of the weirdest ever.

- you can go snorkelling at Aqaba, at the place south of town - just get the right bus and bring your swim suit.  


Hi there

I did this trip a couple of years ago, and yes it's great. My tip to add to the ones above (use bottled water to clean your teeth, btw) is to take hand gel, and use it regularly, but especially after you've handled money. And you might want to take some toilet paper with you, in particular for the overnight stay in Wadi Rum - the toilets there were less than pleasant unfortunately. Maybe they've sorted them by now ... :-)

Did this trip a couple of years ago, absolutely brilliant, a fascinating country. Petra surpassed Machu Picchu for us. As we are walkers and had the gear we took lightweight walking boots, long trousers, long sleeved shirts, floppy hat and camelback water thingy for the Petra bit. Wondered if we had overdone the Indiana Jones look as every one else was just in holiday gear, however when our guide arrived he too matched us and boy, were we glad we had gone prepared as temperatures were 40+ that day and the rest of the group suffered from sunburn/heatstroke/damaged feet etc. Flip flops or strappy sandals are not a good idea as it is so rocky (once you leave the regular tourist paths)and even velcro walking sandals with open toes can be a problem on the hikes up to the "high places". Also, take plenty of water. The views are amazing and you leave behind most of the tourists. Do go to the "Petra at night", a bit cheesy but an unforgettable experience and try to stay at the back of the groups on the walk down the Siq as it will be more atmospheric without the chattering and flash photo taking tourists. Girls - remember to cover up a bit unless you want to be ogled, especially in Aqaba. Cover your knees/shoulders and cleavage and you will feel less uncomfortable. Didn't seem to be a problem in Petra and other touristy areas. Also if you are swimming/snorkelling at Aqaba I would take a 1 piece bathing suit and sarong/kaftan and stay in a group as 1 poor girl on our trip got "groped" by some adolescent boys as she exited the sea. She couldn't get away as they were standing on her flippers! You will have a great trip.


Hi everyone, I'm checking what to take, the currency in the trip notes is in £,$ and JOD. Exodus recommend changing money at the airport on arrival but airport rates are not usually good and time consuming for a group arriving at 00.15 so  I think I shall get JOD before going. Trip notes don't say how much for the kitty either, any advice from previous travellers welcome.... thanks a lot.


Really looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone, I went to Cuba with Exodus last year and had a great time.

I am taking mainly Jordanian dinars but some US dollars as well.  Good tip about the toilet roll, I will go and put in my suitcase right now.


I've decided to go for JOD on the presumption that it'll be accepted throughout - and I could change some or get dollars from the airport on the way in.....


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