Fellow Travellers on the 14th Feb 2013 to Cuba, anyone ?

Hello everybody, I am so excited I have just booked this trip... anyone else going ?

Hi Gilly O. I also on that tour and very much looking forward to. I live in western Canada...right now we have at least a metre of snow on the ground with more forecasted to arrive shortly...and it is -18C. Cuba will be a welcome break. Wish I was going now.


Hi My husband and I have just paid for this trip today, but we will be there the week after you. Really looking forward to some sun in February. Other friends who have been to Cuba have all enjoyed it, can't wait. We are flying from Manchester via Paris under our own steam so I hope the weather doesn't cause any delays. Have a great trip and don't drink all the mojitos before we get there!

Look forward to meeting you when we get there as I guess noone will recognise each other at Gatwick. Nice take off and arrival times going out and I guess we'll have time to meet each other in the hotel for dinner.  The trip sounds good and I'm staying on for a week in Havana after the trip. I'm looking forward to it like Dave, as it's very snowy and cold here in GB right now.  See you later, Paul.

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