Fellow travellers to Lemosho climb starting 15th June

Hi there,

I am taking part in the Kili climb via the Lemosho route leaving 15th June. Any fellow travellers please respond to this topic.







I'm going on this trip, should be good!  Will be my highest trek by about 900m :-)


Any idea what you put on the visa form for accommodation whilst in Tanzania?  Have emailed Exodus twice but no answer yet!



Spoke to David at Exodus, he just said to buy it at the airport for US$50.  Seems easier to me too.


Evening all, 

I will be also joining you both on this adventure of ours. Looking forward to it!

Any tips on what to do or not do before hand would be appreciated as this is my first big Trek. 


Things to do?  Read the trip notes a few times, there is always something you miss the first few times!

A few things I've just sorted/am currently doing/got to do:

Photocopy important documents, water purification tablets (life systems are a pretty good make), get some US dollars (apparently it is better to take them exchange than GBP) including $50 for the visa, and $190ish for tips (see trip notes), very good suncream, anti-diahoria tablets/rehydration salts just incase, antimalarial pills (from doctor). I got yellow fever jab as well cause it lasts 10yrs and I figure I'll need it anyway, Tanzania doesn't require it but saves hassle - needs to be done 10days before travel, look out in post for the exodus bag (should be arriving 2-3 weeks beforehand so around now).  Pack a good book so we can swap ;-)

That'll do!  Anyone else flying on the group flight? I just sorted my coach to heathrow, arriving 4ish.


I needed to upgrade my jacket and went for a Montane Prism (I think that's the name) instead of a down one.  Slightly less insulating than the Rab down but more useful for me (I don't feel the cold much, also better for climbing etc.).  Don't forget down isn't waterproof so make sure it fits underneath something that is.


I'm a tablet man when it comes to water purifying, getting some lifesystems chlorine tablets on my way to climbing tonight.  Will be really interested in seeing that the steripen does.

Interestingly the Exodus Kili packing list http://www.exodus.co.uk/assets/travelink/Kilimanjaro_Kitlist.pdf doesn't include water purification tablets/methods of any kind.

Will be looking out in Terminal 4 for the red luggage tags! (and boots!)

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