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Anybody out there?


Hi im joining you lot of stompers in Kili airport as im flying from Manchester..cant wait now, though need to start prep in walking up some hills! looking forward to meeting all




Dont know if we are on exactly the same trip but we fly out of Heathrow on the night of Friday 18th Feb landing at about 6.00am on the Saturday. Trek starts on the Sunday morning. Is yours the same start date?



Hi Charlie, am flying out from heathrow so will see you at kili airport. Altitude training a bit of a problem  for me here in Lincolnshire so I'll just have to take it as it comes.

Hi Paul, am on same flight so may well bump into you. Have been on two previous exodus treks but this

will definitely take me out of my comfort zone. No bad thing.


Hi all.

I did The Kili trek with Exodus on the Rongai Route last february . It was a trip of a lifetime. I remember using this forum a lot and asked so many questions about the trip. So if there is anything you want to know about just ask ok.





Hi everyone,
I too am on your trip and looking forward to getting going. I'm getting the visa at Nairobi airport, anyone else going that. I'm told its ok, but feels unnerving not having it in place before departure.


Reading the post from Paul and yep I agree he does need to shifty some pounds LOL

I'm 1 of the 4 in Paul's group, looking forward to meeting you all, should be a laugh until we all run out of oxygen :-)



Hi Craig

Do you have any tips for essential kit that does not get a mention anywhere else. We were told that things like a small nail brush are a god send, so if you have any other little gems of info it would be really appreciated. Not that i have any money left to buy anything more but hey, its still good to know.

As for the Visa, I would not have chanced it cause it would be playing on my mind all the time. I am all for preparation and I have a good friend, although he abuses me in the forum (Jonsey) who travels into London regularly and he went in to the embassy.  But I am not a seasoned traveller so i know nothing. I am sure that many people do the same thing or it would not be suggested as an option by the guide books and stuff that you read. 



Hi All,

Craig..would you do it again..no don't answer that...but do you think a down jacket is essential kit? Is there any way of washing stuff..what are the loos like? Shall i try a squueze a little pillow in the bag? Does dry powder shampoo freeze at high altitude? U can tell i,m a girl! No seriously cheers for your welcome advice..

jkaye i,m getting my visa at the airport too..i heard that wasn't a problem..you need to show a yellow fever certificate at the airport i,ve heard so i hope everyones got theres

Woo hoo cant wait!!





I hope the down jacket is not essential kit. I am going with multiple layers instead inlduding thermals fleeces and quilted jacket and trousers. That should do it i hope. And I can strip down as required if I am overheating.

I picked up a blow up pillow which packs down quite nicely.

One more question tho Craig, what is the mosquito situation over there. Bitting insects love my blood and of all the things to consider, being eaten alive is my biggest concern.



I hope you guys are all well. Lots of bugs going around at the moment. I have just been looking on other forum posts on other trips to Kili. Just as a peace of mind thing for those of you sorting your visa'a when you get there, it seems pretty straight forward and lots of people do it.

Started packing bags this weekend. Can't fit everything into one case!!!! Need a bigger one


hi guys i did this trip last feb,,it was fantastic,i took a down jacket although i never wore it,as long as you have loads of decent layers you will be fine,regarding mozzies we had no problem although if your doing the safari after you will need them, toilets were not that bad,take your own loo roll, lots of wet wipes,,,,,,if you can hire a matress to sleep on i,d recommend that,we had our own but they were very thin so we felt every bump!!keep your camera in your sleeping bag at night to stop batteries freezing,,,,enjoy enjoy enjoy xx


Thanks dids. Thats a major releif. The thought of them mozi's was really playing on my mind.

We looked at a 6 day weather forecast. Its about +30 at the bottom and -10 at the top, with wind chill factored in it is about -16. Not as bad as we were expecting. A friend done it last February and he said that the wind chill took it to about -35. I will do a final check on Thursday to see whats happening. Not that I can fit any more in my suitcase.

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