Finish Wilderness Week


Just booked onto this trek flying out on the 26th Jan. Anyone else going?

Hi there, yes, I've just booked. Really looking forward to it.



Good to see someone else booked on. Ive never been skiing or anything before, so thinking of getting some lessons before i go. Are you a solo traveller aswell like me?

Hi Paul,

Yes I am, I did check when I booked and there is a good mix of people travelling in pairs and solo's. I have done downhill skiing but not cross country. It should be fun learning new things in a group. Donna.


Yea im hoping so. This will be my 3rd Exodus trip and the other 2 have been great

Where did you go with Exodus ? I went to the Arctic in the summer which was great.


Sounds good. I did Everest Base Camp last year, and Amazon & Inca Trail this year. Got the bug for it now. Doing Kilimanjaro & Safari next summer too.

Wow, fantastic, they are real adventures aren't they ! I'll have to look and see what else I can do.


Certainly are. Be good to hear about your Arctic adventure when we're in Finland as that was one that interested me

Yes sure, it was a great trip. 11 weeks to go and counting.


It will fly by, always does. Are you on the group flight flying from Gatwick at 2:55pm?

Yes I am. At least I will know someone that is going :-) Do you have far to travel to get to Gatwick ?


I'm traveling down from Yorkshire the day before and stopping in London overnight

I live in Surrey so only about 45  minutes away. I'm pleased it's not an early start.


Ah thats good. Yea me too its a decent flight time. Can always meet at Gatwick airport before the flight too?

Yes, good idea, maybe meet by one of the shops once we are through customs ?


Yea sounds good. Just intime for a drink or 2 before our flight!

Yes that would be a nice relaxing start to the holiday. I see the reminder has been sent out for the final balance payment.


Yeah got that will pay off in a week or so.

Seems we picked a good time to see the northern lights

That's exciting, we should get some good photo's then being right out in the middle of nowhere.


Lets hope so! I asked Exodus yesterday about who else is booked on. Looks like there are 12 including us, got mix of people like you said

That's good, and maybe some more between now and when we go. Hope we get a good group that bonds well, should be good fun.


Yea im sure we will. All other Exodus trips ive been on have had a good mix of people and we have all got on really well

Maybe someone else will start talking to us between now and then as well. Look forward to catching up with you at the airport, have a great weekend.


Yeah be good to meet you in Jan. Enjoy your weekend too


Did you get the email about the flight times change?

New flight time is now:

26JAN14 London, Gatwick 0610 KuusamoThomson Airways 115

 Going to be an early one!



I just saw it, oh no that's early, will hardly be worth going to bed. I booked car parking at the airport only yesterday so I'll have to change the time for that. Oh well, never mind, can rest when we get there......or maybe not :-)


I know, least we get longer there i guess. We will be meeting for a few coffees now rather than beer :-)

Yes, to help keep our eyes open. :-)


Hi there were booked on that week too! Is good to here your both going as well, really looking forward to it have been on a few Exodus trips and there always good. We're booked on the group flight ( shame about the change not looking forward to that early start ) so hopefully we will meet at the airport.


Hi. Good to see otheres booked on the trek too. Really looking forward to it, hopefully all get to meet at the airport. You both travelling far to get to the airport?

Hi all, great, there should be quite a gathering at the airport.


We're coming up from Portsmouth. It will be an early start for us.


Hi all

 Got my eticket on email from Exodus. Not long to go, hope everyone has a good Christmas


How much is everyone talking in cash? According to Exodus you can pay for everything on credit/debit card at the end of the holiday, but would still like to take some cash with me

Happy New Year. Yes got my eticket too, it's getting very exciting now :-) Not sure on the money front yet, but yes I think some cash is a good idea.


Happy New Year! Yea not sure how much to take really. Need to get back into the fitness after eating so much over Christmas!

I haven't booked yet am waiting for leave dates from work... I might be on the 26 Jan leave date or the 2 Feb leave date. The weather report that someone mentioned sounds promising :-) The group seem varied which is great, I haven't done any cold weather sports at all!!!! I am sure to fall over lots!! Ha ha ha


Well im sure to fall over alot so if you do come on the 26th Jan trip, you wont be alone!

Shellie Spilsbury

Must get to the gym, must get to the gym, must get to the gym....keep saying it, not sure it's working :-)


I wish you all a great trip I cannot make the January trip so am going in February! ;-)


Thanks im sure we will, and enjoy your trip just after ours. Hope you dont fall over too much ;)


Not long to go now! Donna - are you on Facebook or anything? Be easier to arrange meeting at the airport through that than on here. Never been to Gatwick so not sure where the best place to meet is etc

 Looking at temperatures in Kuusamo, its got to -31c this week!

Hi Paul, yes I can't believe there is only just over a week to go. Wow that's freeeezing ! At least we know there will be snow :-)

Gatwick can be pretty mad and by the time you get through customs there is hardly any time left before the gate opens, or I've been there when it's been really quiet. I can't get on facebook from work, but could see if I can find you when I'm home. I usually get some water and a sandwich from Boots, so outside of there might be a place to meet ?


Cool sounds good. My Facebook profile is on here if you click the Facebook icon at the bottom right of my messages. Looking forward to it now

Oh yes, and amazingly I've been able to get into facebook so I've sent you a friends request :-)


Just accepted it now. See you at the airport then!

Cool, look forward to meeting you.


Forgot to ask you aswell, any more thoughts on money to take with you? I was thinking around €400 in cash and pay rest on my card at the end of the holiday

That sounds about right, at least we have the card option as a backup. Gettiing very exciting now :-)

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