Finnish Wilderness at New Year - 27th Dec to 3rd Jan

Hi anyone out there going out on this departure or know anything about what this trip is like this time of year? I'm trying to work out how much daylight there will be (not much) and whether we'll see any sunshine at all while we're there.



Hiya - I have just booked on this trip not sure of daylight but reviews say take games so pack of cards and some travel games may be a good move? I'm travelling on my own so may need the company of a pack of cards :)



Yes - I think it'll be a good opportunity to catch up on reading and sleeping as well as winter sports! I guess there'll be somewhere to sit and play games and be sociable too though. Quite excited now as I really don't know what to expect.



Hi I'm Emily (Em) and am on the 27th Dec holiday too.  Really getting excited about it now.  Am travelling on my own too so will join you in that game of cards purplehel!!  Fingers crossed we get to see the Northern Lights as that would just make it for me....But definitely looking forward to the included activities and will be up for snowmobiling too on the optional list.  Have never done any of them before...

Hi I'm Liv and am going on the 27th Dec trip as well, can't believe it's a little over 3 weeks away now.

I've been on similar trips before but not through Exodus as a single traveller so am looking forward to trying out all the activities and also getting to know some new people whilst I'm at it.

Especially looking forward to hopefully seeing the Northern Lights and igloo building.


Hi Liv, I'm also keeping everything crossed that we get to see the northern lights - it's supposed to be a very good year for it this year so really hoping we'll be lucky. 'Can't imagine what all-day twilight is going to be like either. I think there's going to be a big group of us (19 last time I asked Bethany) so it should be fun.


Hi Frankie

Wow, wasn't expecting the group to be that big, that'll be good tho lots of people to chat to. The last trip I did was a group of 8 including me lol

That's good news about it being a good year to see the lights the pictures that I've seen look stunning.

3 weeks to go tomorrow, I'm driving my work mates slightly balmy by counting down now, I'm that excited lol


Just had the final joining instructions through from Exodus which make it all seem real now! I've also been skiving a bit today and looking up on the internet about the best way to take photos of the northern lights - I'm going to be gutted if we don't get to seem them!



Very excited now (who isn't?) just been reading the other finnish holiday tips, am going to try and dig out my jenga - pack of cards has been dug out already - sounds like if anyone has any small games may be worth bringing along. looks like we don't need flasks (partial to a cup of tea)  though I am afraid my kettle will be coming with me whoever will be sharing rooms with me and someone even suggested bringing cupasoup and own snacks so I suspect my rucksack may have more things like that in it than clothes. Northern lights look good apparently (any good photographers for any handy tips?) and there is snow (phew!) as someone told me there was hardly any snow a couple of weeks ago. New year in Finland - can't wait! Only annoying thing is getting down to Gatwick lets hope there are no "engineering works". See you all Tuesday.

You're right - how did it creep up so quickly? I haven't got my head round the fact that it's Christmas in a couple of days, never mind that this time next week we'll be up to our knees in snow (hopefully) and building igloos.  It's a bit hard to imagine right now. Can't think of a better way to spend New Year's eve though, it should be great. See you all next week.

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