Finnish Wilderness Week

My husband and I have just booked on this trip, we had booked for Kilimanjaro in July but for several reasons had to change our holidays. Anyway, this is still at the top of my 'things to do before I die' list and we're really, really excited!

Is there anyone else out there that's going on the 27th March departure or anyone who's been at this time of year before?  


Just wanted to bump this up to see if there's anyone out there going on this trip- 6 weeks and 5 days to go :)


Hellow there! Yes, I'm also going on this adventure but as I actually live in Helsinki, I'll be joining the group on the outward flight to Kuusamo. I've been to Lapland in once in February, it was very cold but exhilirating. I imagine the end of March will be still cold, but bright and sunny so do remember your sunglasses as the glare from the snow can be blinding. Pack some lipsalve also.

Cheers, Lorraine


My wife and I are very excited about the Finnish Wilderness week, particuarly the opportunity to see the Northern lights.


Great, so good to hear from other people on the trip!  Anyone else doing the - "in 5 weeks time I'll be ..." (snowshoeing, skiing...) or is it just me getting too excited!

 On a more serious note... some of the tips on the review page recommend taking some own kit to deal with the cold and supplement what is given, what's anyone else packing in outdoor gear? I'm taking a pair of ski gloves, so far one set of thermals (I think I might get another set, although  think they are meant to supply some?) and some 4 season hiking socks. I'm going to get some hand and feet warmers too as I suffer with them getting cold!

I'll definately be packing all your recomendations Lorraine, hadn't actually thought about sunglasses- doh!


Hi again, Answering Sarah's question, I would pack about 2 sets of thermals and about 3-4 pairs light trekking socks.  It  might get a bit hot with the activites, especially the cross-country skiing and showshoeing so the secret is layers. If you get hot remove a layer rather than risking getting too  sweaty, because when you take a breather and cool down the cold sweat feels horrible. If you have a sleeveless fleece, bring that along as it is perfect for keep both warm and cool under your top  jacket. Yes, handwarmers are an excellent  idea. One thing that will strike you when you get here is just how practical and organized the Finns are! So I am pretty confident the cottages, equipment etc. will be tailored to our needs. Only a couple more weeks to go... Ü




I am just back and did take FAR too much of my own stuff. 

One pair of thermals was fine as you will be kitted out with a fleece base layer (which you can wear on top of or instead of thermals), a fleece mid-layer, a waterproof coat, lined waterproof trousers, an additional (to be worn on top) thicker coat for activities like dog-sledding if it's needed, a pair of fleece inner gloves, and pair of waterproof mittens which have glove innards, a hat, a head torch, a day sack, a flask, a pair of inner socks and a pair  of thick outer socks plus snow boots.  I took extra fleece mid layers and didn't use them.  The things I did use were extra pairs of thick socks (not for warmth but for hygiene) and a water bottle which I used to make sure I had cold water by my bed at night.  Underfloor heating in your room makes drying out wet togs very simple! Also I used my own waterproof gloves as I find the mitts warmer but more cumbersome.  Hoping that all helps.  Enjoy!


Thanks, Canny Potter, this is the kind of practical info we need. I know from experience it's so easy to pack lots of warm clothing, only to find out that in fact you're too warm... It's about +3c today in Helsinki, but about -7c in Oulanka.

 Cheers, Lorraine


Hi Canny Potter, that's great to know, we had decided on one pair of thermals each so that's good to know and we have just bought some Ben Fogle Artic socks. I have packed a light weight fleece, but I can always wear that on an evening. I still think we have way too much of our own stuff, but my kit bag is only half full so might as well be over prepared than wishing I have more with me.

Hope you had a fantastic time! We only have one full day at home now before we fly to London then on to Finland on Sunday and I am so excited- been regularly checking web cams and weather forecasts :)

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