First ever Safari


 My sister and I are very excited to be going on safari on 22nd.  Who else will be joining us?   :) 



My name is Alxa and my boyfriend (Chris) and I are booked on the same trip.  This will be our first proper safari too.  I'm already counting down the months.

Proper excited :)


Hi Alxa and Chris.

 Look forward to meeting you both.  I am already checking out safari clothes, etc.  

It is going to be amazing.  :) 

 Sharon and Vicky 


Ha just noticed I mispelt my name.... only had it for 32 years!  Alexa is the right spelling - good start!

 Yeah there are loads of things to get before we go away, but I'm going to hold off until nearer the time, lack of space in my flat dictates that.  At least I know what colour to go for karki, karki and some more karki with a bit of brown thrown in for good measure.



Be great to hear from anyone who is going on the East Africa Safari

Vicalina going with Shazza! My big sister


Jabs arranged, spending money saved... who else is with me?


Hi All, I'm Philip.

Good to see i'm not the only 1st safari person on this trip. Though I'm likely to be the only one who hasn't flown before? This will be my 1st Holiday adventure and I can't wait!

Anyone else a keen photographer, I seem to currently have more camera equipment than clothes organised. Getting there, yet more spending to do.  


Hi Philip

 Good to hear from fellow travellers going on the East Africa Safari.  You certainly don't do things by halves, your first holiday adventure lol.

 I am more of an amateur photographer, but my sister, Vicalina is certainly into her photography.  

 It is so exciting and not long to go now.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.  Can't wait!!   :)



Hi Philip... well you certianly are going for it.  The worse thing about flying is the bordom, they can get rather tedious, but there is a chance we will be sitting together so we can keep each other company in the wee small hours.

 I am a keen photographer and my boyfriend is slowly getting into it himself.  So from the looks of it we will have tons of photos between us - joy!


We'll certainly get lots of pic's between us all, would be great to share any that we appear in, although I hate appearing in front of the camera I can't go all that way without some of me and fellow travellers.

Bordom could be an issue - I'm likely to be hyperactive so will not be able to settle easily, either that or sick as a parrot? who knows :) hopefully not the latter if we are sitting close. 

Thanks for the replies - A great way to atleast get some idea of who else is going. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 



That stuff will calm you down a bit.  Unless you have real motion sickness issues, being sick on the flight shouldn't be a problem.  They are for the most part smooth, it's unlikely that any of us will sleep as it is just hard to sleep on planes.

I'm sure we will get a few group photos as well as stealth ones ;)


Yes definitely have to get a few group shots... cant believe it is so close.  :)


7 days people!!!  In face this time next week we should be making our through the traffic of Nairobi :)


Well TenPinPhil you are certainly going for the firsts! How fantastic!

I like photography and have tried to minimise my kit. Upgraded my lenses so only need to take one instead of two. What are you taking???

Be great to get photo tips from Phil & Nemi! I am very much a learner.

I wonder if it will be the full 20 people going...  

 Yes we have to have group pics :)

 Look forward to meeting you all very very soon!!!! The excitement is immense!

Vicalina (little sis of Shazza) 


Hi all - Getting very close now. 

Vicalina I'll be takning 2 canon camera bodies (one back up) and a multiple amount of lenses jsut so i'm prepared for everything, It's going to be amazing and can't wait to be there now! I'm self taught photography wise so still learning and will always be happy to help if needed.

As far as group size there were 9 others when I joined and they are still offering places of 4+ so looks like a nice smaller group.

 Does anyone know if we are meeting as a group at Heathrow before boarding? kinda hoping we would be, otherwise i'm grabbing the nearest staff member to help me out. Does mention in notes but think this is when in Nairobi?


I dont believe there is an official meet up at Heathrow, but there is nothing stopping us having a bit of a gather to get to know each other.  We are all going to be really excited.

 We could arrange to meet at a certain place ??


Chris and I plan to be at the airport for about 5 to check our bags in (will have done the seat allocation the day before).  We're then likely to grab a light bite at Pret, I don't really know terminal 4 that well so am unsure where to suggest to meet.  Any ideas?

4 days!!!!


We could meet up at check in about the same time as we are planning to meet up at 5?

 All of us will be carrying large backpacks with the distinctive "Exodus Luggage Label"  lol so should be easy to spot.  Once introduced, we could go our separate ways and meet up again later before we board.  Just a suggestions.  :)



Meet around 5 sounds like a good idea - as you say we'll all be there and sporting a similar look.

I haven't got the "exodus luggage label" - I'll have to get on to them re this. Thought one was on its way. 


Yes I am happy to have a meet up at 5 - disperse and regroup, like a pack of wild animals ;)
I think I am going to learn lots from you all re photography.
Oh the group size looks good - not too big and not too small :)

Weather forecast is rainy, wonder if that will affect the roads, recall reading my may have to take alternative route into the Serengeti. But it will be warm ;)

Catch you all later :) xox


My luggage tag will be most likely on my larger bag, but will have a long red racksack (the typcial back-packer type) but if others will have their tags on their hand luggage I'm sure we will spot someone.  I'm also likely to be sporting a pair of rather unflattering blue walking trousers and a white t-shirt.

Regarding weather, I doubt it will rain enough to make the roads bad :)


Shocking events in Naroibi today, wonder what the impact will be on the trip?


I hope  not, reports suggest that this was a planned attack on the shopping centre.  But I get the feeling they will want us out and on the road as soon as possible and would discourage us from wandering around on the last day.

It's dam shocking and the airport burning down it's already a memberable start to this trip. 


Acts of violence like this are meant to disrupt the economy and morale.
Lets hope they get it under control - awful loss of life and casualties :(

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