First ever trip alone!

I'm on the verge of confirming my provisional booking, once i overcome the aprehension of travelling solo, and wondered if there was anyone out there on the same trip to chat to?  It would give me such a boost!! 


Hi Kath, I'm not on your trip but in February I'll be going on my fourth trip with Exodus as a 'lone traveller'. On each trip I've met a great bunch of people, a mixture of couples, single people, groups of friends of mixed ages, many of whom I'm still in touch with. I also had my doubts about travelling alone the first time but I had no regrets - in fact it allows you to enjoy cultural experiences, fantastic scenery and have fun without having to worry about anyone else! I hope you overcame your apprehension and booked the trip. I'm sure you'll have a great time with like-minded people.

Don't worry about the lack of replies to your post. Sometimes people don't realise it's there or only have a look a few weeks before the trip. Have fun!



Oops, don't know what happened with last message! I just want to say thanks for replying to me. I have gone ahead and booked the trip and it's now 40 days to go and counting. I'm spending a fortune on thermals but with this weather we're having i'm getting my moneysworth! I spoke to the Exodus office recently and it appears so far i may be the only one travelling with them hence no replies but i'm sure there will be plenty of nice people from elsewhere to keep me entertained. Good luck with your trip in Feb. I can imagine if mine is a success i'll be booking more so i may well catch you up! Enjoy.


Hi Kath

I'm assuming we're on the same trip leaving London on 8th Jan? Look out for me - I'm the harrassed one with my 12 (going on 16) year old son in tow. Assuming we can get across from the wilds of East Anglia to London!  It's my first outing more-or-less solo for more years than I care to admit to and I'll be missing the other half of the family who have chickened out of this trip!  Have also been begging and borrowing thermals (very hard to find extra large!!) and can safely say this won't be my most glamorous trip. 

Hope you pick up this message before we hit the highlights of Heathrow.


Hi Helen. It's really nice to get a reply on here but i think maybe we're on different trips. I fly from Heathrow on Mon 10th Jan and board the ship on the 12th. It's a shame because it would be nice to have made contact with a fellow passenger. I hope you have a fab time and your son enjoys it too. (Shame about your other half.) I've spent a small fortune in thermal gear but feel with our recent weather i'm getting my moneysworth. Thank heavens it was Christmas. No-one had any problem with what to get me this year..haha. Have a happy new year. What a way to start it eh. :-)


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