First Trip to Sri Lanka

Hi, My husband and I are departing Heathrow for our two week annual holiday to Sri Lanka. We have read several reviews and it looks like we are in for a busy couple of weeks. One of the reviews mentioned going for a meal and wearing a jacket and tie. Is this a requirement or can he just wear trousers and a shirt, it seems rather silly carrying a jacket round for 1 nights use. If this runs along the lines of a similar trip we did last year to Rajasthan most the time people didn't even change from what they had been wearing all day. We felt over dressed most evenings just by putting on fresh clothes. Looking forward to meeting our fellow travellers and counting down the weeks. See you all soon



My husband and I are also going on this trip and I asked the same question. I have read some reviews on this place and a jacket is essential, BUT if you do not have one they will lend you one (the reviews also said that the jackets they lend you are uncomfortable and dated, but i still think that is preferable to taking a jacket and packing/unpacking it every day for two weeks for the sake of one night!).

 I cannot wait for the trip!

We went on this trip in April and the hotel has quite a few jackets to lend out. Guaranteed not to fit too well, but jacket, shirt & tie are required. We had a fun evening, but nothing special as the same menu choice is served in the other restaurant.

just to add - you don't have to eat in the jacket & tie restaurant, there is a second one in the hotel. Half our group did the jacket bit and half ate in the other restaurant.

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