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Hi, a bit of an odd question but I'm just wondering what food the lunches will consist of on this trip - I can't eat yeast which rules out all bread except tortilla wraps which are fine (and make a good substitute for sandwiches). I can easily bring a couple of packets of wraps with me to substitute for bread if this is likely to be an issue (don't fancy just eating salad etc if I'm out on a bike all day!). Actually, the same issue goes for breakfast - if the choice is likely to be only bread then I would try to bring something with me.


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Hi Di,

There are about 5 - 6 lunches on the trip when we don't eat in restaurants and sandwiches will be the main option, so I would suggest you take your own wraps for these as you won't be able to find tortilla wraps in Cuba and finding other types of yeast-free bread will not be easy. Sandwich fillings include cheese, ham, tuna, salad, cucumber, avocado etc. At other mealtimes you should have plenty of options, breakfast usually consists of a buffet style arrangement in hotels with cornflakes/cereal, omelette, ham, cheese, fruit, juice and often some pastries to choose from in addition to bread, so you shouldn't have a problem here. Dinners tend to be rice & beans with pork or fish, so again, not eating bread shouldn't be a problem here. We suggest taking snacks such as nuts or cereal bars with you as snack food isn't freely available in Cuba. Hope this helps. Have a great trip! 

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Thanks, that's incredibly helpful! Hope I don't get too many funny looks at the airport with a bag of tortilla wraps!

And another question - sorry! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about how much money to take, since I don't want to rely on trying to use an ATM or a credit card at all. Also, I read that changing money in the airport can sometimes get you lower rates than in the hotels and they sometimes try to rip you off, but will the hotel in Havana have money-changing facilities and is this a better option?




just got back from cuba and changing money at the airport is not an issue. As  the currency is a closed one the rate is set by the goverment so the rate in theory should be the same at airport and hotels but in a couple of hotels they did want to charge a 10% commission rate so be careful! 

On another note if you want to buy anything at the airport on you way back do not change your money back before you go through security as there are money changinging facilities after security and not so busy.



we spent about £900 for 2 in 2 weeks, mostly on meals

when we arrived the guide suggested changing money at the airport - that was ok. banks may be a little better but the rate doesn't vary much.

we took £cash; there are atms in havana and maybe santiago, but rumour has it they'll charge 10% extra. I had my visa and some trav cheques as backup but didn't use them.

you can change money back at the airport, but you lose 10% and may not have time (it took us 2 hrs to get through!), so try to spend it all.

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