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Foreign Currancy

I have arranged to take US Dollars as you can't get Nambian Dollars or Botswana Pula in this country, however do I need to exchange the US Dollars for local curency when I am in country or do the locals deal in US Dollars? 

I have also read there may be issues with using ATM's so any advice would be appreciated.




Hey Cowboy (like your friend !!)

I feel that you are well switched on in the finance area so I will stick by you so the local hyenas do not sting me on exchange as I am useless with numbers and conversion factors.  I have decided to take mostly dollars and hope (as you) to either use them direct or be able to exchange them (especially in Botswana).  Only taking ATM card for emergencies and have made sure I have informed my bank.

Again if anyone has any advise it will be gratefully received.  As long as i can buy a mosquito net I will be happy

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