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Just booked Walking In Tuscany for this coming May and was wondering if anyone who has done the trip has any opinions to offer on what to do on the free day.  Both Pisa and Florance sound interesting-was thinking about logistics, travel availabilty, disance  etc... all comments  greatfully appreciated.



Hello Annj - There are a number of options on this day. The rest of the group went either to Florence or to Pisa. The trains are easy to use, are punctual and clean (despite the graffitti you will see). I decided to stay locally around Braccicorti, and took a pleasant relaxing circular walk from the farm, through the nearby village of Pontecosi (lovely setting) onto Villetta and back to Braccicorti. Your trip leader could advise you - I had Sara Bull (one of their best).  I did this wee walk because I had tagged two trips together - Walking in Tuscany, followed immediately by the more leisurely A Week in Tuscany. So I visited the cities of Florence and Pisa which were on the itinerary for that trip the following week.  I have an album on this site (My Exodus) that you can have a look at which gives you a small idea of what to expect. If you are on Facebook you mayvbe able to access my albums of this area which are more extensive.  My personal favourite town was the walled city of Lucca - rather under-rated I thought.  You don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but that would be rather pointless. I have no doubt you will enjoy this trip - the food at Braccicorti is delicious, the scenery on your walks is stunning. I hope you find this useful.

Munch (Derek Mitchell) 


Thank you for the reply

ive done this, stay around Braccicorti and chill out, its great!

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