Freewheeling in Vietnam

Hello out there. Anyone else booked on this trip?



Hi Louise

Yes I am, flying out from Manchester on 22nd


Hi Sue

I fly from heathrow on the 22nd so will see you there. I noticed that bookings for this trip have closed so must be full up!!

Very excited about this trip, my first with exodus. How about yourself?


Hi Sue and Louise,

I've just booked myself on to this trip and can't wait. It's also my first Exodus trip.....actually its my first trip to Asia so very excited. I'm flying from Heathrow on the 22nd so am happy to meet people there to start the introductions :-)


Hi Sue, Louise and Amy

I too am on this trip and flying from Heathrow on 22nd. This will be my first cycle holday, so time to pump up the tyres and gets some practive in.  Very much looking forward to seeing Vietnam.

Hi guys. Hopefully meet you all in the departures/arrivals lounge!! i have started cycling a lot more recently, building my strength up. did any of you see the TopGear special in Vietnam?? (its still on iplayer). they barely made it up the Hai van pass on motorbikes!! looks like a beautiful country. I can't wait.



Hi Everyone,

This will be my first Exodus trip and I can't wait - just 4 months now!  It's great to see the trip is full up.

Louise - thanks for the top gear tip off.  I saw it when if first aired but it'll be good to see it again and refresh.  This was one of my inspirations for visiting Vietnam and doing this trip but I didn't realise it was still on iplayer, so cheers for the info.

Roll on September 22nd!


Hello Everybody

 Glad the trip is full, when I first booked it, it was just me and the guide!

 Top Gear was kind of an inspriation for me too also my son moved out to Vietnam in January to teach scuba diving in Nha Trang but this weekend he is actually moving to Fiji to work with volunteers in marine conservation so I won't get to see him after all

Can't wait for the trip though and this is lovely that we can message before we actually meet.

Is anyone flying from Manchester?


Hi Everyone,

 I didn't know about the top gear programme, will definitely check it out! I'm glad i'm not the only one trying to get my legs ready, I think half the battle will be sitting in the seat for that length of time. I decided to come on this trip as a birthday present to myself and I've always wanted to go so thought why not do it in style. This is my first bike holiday so a little nervous/excited about it.

 Has anyone done any of the Audax cycle routes? Thought about trying to get out for one every week or 2 to get used to the distance, would be great if someone fancied joining me. I will be doing routes not too far away from London, maybe an hour max travel.



Hello all

I'm doing the one in Aug...quick question.

have you all had multiple vacinations...exodus say nothing is Gp has implied if I don't have every known jab it's a way one ticket !! 

With exception of malarial tabs I wasn't going to bother.

What is everyone else doing?




Hi Chris,

It's probably best to take your Doc's advice even if they do tend to be over cautious - best to be safe than sorry.  I think there's some advice on the trip notes, if my memory serves me well.  Some vaccinations I'm already covered for but I'll be having the remainder in the next few weeks.



Hi Sue,

I live in Manchester and am doing the trip 2 weeks before you so if you need a training buddy let me know.


interesting article... excitement building!! 

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