Fuel prices drop, so currency surcharge imposed !!!

I see that, disapointingly, Exodus have found a new way to make money. With the prices of fule dropping over the past year, they are now imposing currency surcharges. A holiday booked only a few weeks ago has just been hit with a 5% surcharge - but having chacked the exchange rate there has been no change to rates over the weeks i have booked.

Im sure Exodus will say that the increase is over the period since they fixed prices for publication on c.2008, but if they can change web site details to reflect 'reductions' why cant they be honest and show increases as well - THIS IS VERY UNDERHANDED EXODUS !!!!

 Also they have not increased above the 10% limit meaning thet have to offer refunds - hummmmm

 If Exodus were the upright company they wish to be, then you have my e-mail adress abd please post either public of private to me the reasons why after a few weeks you have imposed an increase that you could have notified at the time - and offer me a full refund.


**BEWARE potential bookers - im sure your time will come when you get a letter asking for more ££, although this probably wont come till AFTER the trip is fully booked and removed from the web site, so as not to put people off booking - oh, did i just suggest a cumming ploy ?!?!?!?!? 

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