Fun in Finland

anyone else on the Finland wilderness trip (Feb 24th)  ???

looking forward to some fun in the snow!

I just booked up, and i,m loking forward to playing in the snow. But also really hoping to see some northern lights!


Been my long standing dream to see the northern lights, so fingers crossed !

Its on my bucket list!

7 weekd today peeps!!!!!!woop woop xxx


and checking out the website - take a look @ Basecamp Oulanka on FB  ..  also read in the notes 'you would be unlucky not to see the northern lights on a 7 day holiday' fingers crossed - counting the days now ! :)

yep, fingers toes legs and arms crossed lol!!!! xxx

p.s thank you for the facebook thing im on it now it looks amazing!!! xxx

The pictures look great on facebook. So looking forward to getting away from the rain and playing in the snow.

Yeh snow is awesome so much better than rain.its not stopped since they said there's a drought lol!!!although we are supposed to get snow this weekend,can prepare for holiday!!lol. Have you done any of the activities before?

Well we,ve had a fall of snow (rare in these parts) which has turned to slush almost immediatly, which has lead to snowman and women building. But i,ve not seen any dog sleds or snow shoes.

I used to love downhill skiing but i havent been for over twenty years. But i loved being out in the snow then , it has a quietness to it.

i'm looking forward to cross country skiing and dog sledding,

Cool,I've never tried any of the activities so will be a learning curve lol.

Yes I'm most excited about the dog sledding I think.this time in 5 weeks we we all be there!! Woop!



Hi all, we're booked on this trip - my wife and I are travel bloggers and we're really looking forward to it! I've just been to Switzerland for my first ever attempt at skiing, so I've got snow withdrawal now! :) Not long to go...

Hi!how did your first attempt go? Finland will be mine.cannot wait.
And yes,not long at all now! Woop woop! Xxx


well, it was better than i thought it would be, but i couldn't quite master the turns! only one day of instruction though, so i guess it's to be expected! :)

yes definately, you may master the turn on this holiday though! im going to conentrate on mastering the fall lol! xxx


yep, and also hoping to master skidoo turns! ;-)

Hi all,

 Just passing thru as went on this trip this time last year! Its fantastic, Basecamp and the staff are great!

Top tip for the Aurora borealis spotters: If you have an internet phone, find a link to the Aurora forcast maps on the internet before you go then you can see if it will be worth staying up till the early hours with your cameras. If the lights are further north than Basecamp the bast place to see them is down on the frozen lake behind the camp, out of the trees. Go down there and look right (North) to the horizon.

Be warned, the dogs are so cute, you will want to take one home!

ps... Take a neck scalf if you have one to cover your lower face, they poo on the run! :) 

eeeeek im sooo excited lol. and the lights app sounds good idea lol, i was wondering how id cope staying up so late every night lol!!! 

 and ewwww to the pooing on the run lol.ive got a neck scarf as a gift for xmas for the holiday so that was fate at its best lol!!

 thankyou for the tips!!! xxx 

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