FVN - Poland - anyone else booked on yet?

Hi - we've booked this trip with our 15 yr old - believing it's a teenage departure?? Anyone else coming along yet? Love to hear from you before we get there. Never been to Poland before, or travelled with Exodus, but have done quite a few Exodus-type trips with other organisations. Looking forward to it!


Hello there

It's nice that we can make contact before going!

We have also booked on this holiday in the hope of experiencing something different. We are a family of 5 - a couple with 3 children (2 boys 1 girl) whose ages will be in August 15, 13 and 10 (girl). We have never been to Poland or Slovakia either and, like you, we're looking forward to it. We like holidays with variety and this seems to fit the bill. We will be joining the group in Krakow as we can get a direct flight from Liverpool, so it makes sense to just go straight there. We're also planning to stay for a couple of extra days in Krakow at the end.

By the way, please ignore the screen name- it was the only thing the system would accept. My real name is Louise Pritchard. Anyway, it has been great to make contact and hope to hear from you soon. It's feels good not to be alone!

Hi Louise!

 First - sorry it seems I've been a while replying - I thought the system would notify me if anyone else joined this thread... but nothing came through and I only came back out of curiosity!

Great to hear from you and to know there'll be other teenagers on the trip - we're just bringing one of ours (the eldest will have just finished A Levels and is planning an inter-rail with friends rather than us..), so it'll just be me (Hazel), other half (Paul) and Catherine.

Look forward to meeting with you in Poland - by the way do you live in Liverpool, or is it just the most convenient airport? ... only interested as I grew up there.

All the best (and love the screen name by the way!), see you in a couple of months! and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Just happened to look at the web-forum today and it was a nice surprise to see your reply. Like you, I expected to hear from Exodus about any up-dates but ...nothing. Anyway, nice to know a bit more about you. Yes, we do live in Liverpool - actually only about 5 mins from the airport so it's really convenient that we can fly direct to Krakow from there. Whereabouts in Liverpool did you live? Do you live in London now?

Good Morning!

Looks like the Exodus email alerts aren't working then...

 I grew up in Crosby - Mum's still there, and my brother's in L'pool still, cousins in Halewood, but I live near Buckingham now - so ~1.5 hours to Gatwick... at least the flight's aren't at too antisocial a time! Great to be so convenient for L'pool airport - much less hassle. Did Exodus say whether anyone else had booked on the trip when you joined? All the best, Hazel


Just for info, Dave (my husband) and I are not actually from Liverpool. I'm from even further North in Lancaster and he is from mid Wales. We both came to Uni here and sort of just stayed put!  As far as I know our families are the only ones on the trip. I think my family was first because they had to decide whether they could guarantee the trip on only 5 travellers. They did mention there was another family interested at the time tho, that must have been you!

Re the update alert not working, I'll give you my mobile no. so if you've posted a msg on the forum you can just text HAZEL/EXODUS UPDATE or s'thing to my phone. What do you think? Otherwise it could be a nuisance to be checking all the time. Number is 07899870466. Would be handy to have yours too, if you have one.

OK, take care then and keep in touch.




Just wondering whether you're still going on this holiday, Hazel, as the communication seems to have stopped. Hope all is OK. We are still going ahead as planned, travelling from Liverpool and meeting up with the rest at Krakow airport. It would be nice to hear from you again, just to know that everything is alright. Take care and hope to see you soon.


Hi Louise

Sorry about the 'radio silence'! Been snowed under with other bits and completely forgot about checking back for updates! Yes, definitely still going - starting to actually think about it now, and very much looking forward to it! Looking forward also to meeting up with you guys...not sure if it's still just us lot or if there's anyone else as well yet? Take care, see you soon :) All the best, Hazel.

[and I will try harder to remember to check back here again before we go!!!]


Hiya.  Looks like you have got to know each other already.  I'm coming on the trip with my 16 year old son Alex (post GCSE) and 14 year old daughter Kathryn.  Sounds like a real teenage departure now. We have also done several Exodus type trips, but not been with Exodus before.  My parents are Polish and I've been to Poland several times before, but only ever to visit family, so this is the first real holiday there for me and the first ever visit for Alex and Kathryn - their idea too. Not long to go now and really looking forward to it.  See you soon!  Chris(tine)


Great to hear from you! Sounds like we've now got ourselves a team! I've just realised I haven't mentioned my children's names. The eldest (15) is Adam, then we have Daniel     (13) and finally Nina (10). We're all looking forward to it although, to be honest, only just starting to think about it now that the school term is ending. Has been total madness as usual. As you've probably gathered we're meeting up with you at Krakow airport (in theory!) Do you speak Polish, by the way? That might just be very useful ha ha.

Anyway take care and be in touch




Not long before we go now - time to think of currency I suppose.  I do speak a bit of Polish, but haven't used it for over 30 years - think rusty GCSE French and that'll give you an idea.  I also have the handicap of speaking "old" Polish ie not updated since war time which is a bit weird. I am fluent at ordering beer (I can do that in several languages) which is the important bit.

See you all soon



I'm sure we'll manage on the language front. I speak Spanish but I don't suppose that's going to do me much good in Poland. We haven't done any Exodus-type holidays before so any last-minute pieces of advice for us, anybody?

p.s Why does the currency have PLN next to it when it's called a zloty?




I'm trying to figure that out too!  Comfy shoes, not too much luggage, bug killers and go with the flow (whatever that happens to be). 



Thanks for the advice. Not long to go now, just the packing to do. Apart from my daughter who has packed 4 days ago! If you want to take my mobile number (just in case of any hiccups at Krakow airport for example) it's 07899870466. It would be handy to have one of yours also if that's OK with you, as we don't have any contact number for the Exodus rep. Looking forward to it now and hoping for better weather than we've had here lately!!

Anyway see you all soon and have a good journey.


Hi All,

 Starting the packing reminded me to log in here again! Trying not to take too much - but the urge to throw things in 'just in case' is strong!! Did you manage to get some emergency contact numbers Louise?  I've got a contact number for the tour leader to give to my son (who's staying here while we're away) - email me (before lunchtime on Weds 4th, or we'll be on the way to Gatwick for an o/n stop) on [email protected] if you'd like it - don't think Exodus would be too pleased if I posted it on a public site..

Looking forward to meeting you all in a couple of days - happy packing & safe journeys. All the best - Hazel, Paul & Catherine.

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