Anyone going to the Galapagos in March? Hello!


It would be nice to know who else will be on this trip. I was originally an Anthropologist/Animal Behaviourist, so fascinated by evolutionary concepts and wildlife. I also take a lot of photos and would like to compare notes with other photographers re equipment etc. Get in touch!

Jane Henriques


My wife & I are booked on this trip & are really looking forward to it.

She is a keen photographer & this should be a fantastic trip.


Hi Jane and John and John's wife

 My wife Christine and I are on the trip with two friends - Carmel and Frances.

 I look forward to having photographic lessons from the experts.

Christine and I live just south of Rugby and the ladies both live near to Crawley.



Frances and I have finally managed to find our way around the exodus site !  Really looking forward to meeting up with everyone in Quito.  Sadly we will not be able to assist with photographs as we are very much from the 'point and shoot brigade' none the less we are enthuastic trekkers and looking forward to this wonderful adventure.



Hello John and John's wife and Rob and Christine and Carmel and Frances!! Nice to be in touch. I wonder if John's wife could declare herself and her camera details! Just interested, as needing to make some decisions as to what equipment I take. Obviously weight is an issue.

I am trying to organise a few extra days to visit the Mindo cloud forest. Don't know if anyone else is interested in doing this.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting everyone in about a month"

Hasta luego,


Hi Everyone - Johns Wife is called Elaine.Cameras:I believe that she will be bringing 2 cameras. A Canon EOS 50D c/w 18-200mm lens & a Canon IXUS point & shoot complete with underwater housing + lots of memory cards & no laptop!Kit Bags:(I asked Exodus why they had sent us kit bags & this is what they said)Exodus: Yes, we would like you to take the kitbag we provide.  You can flat pack it into your rucksack, but it is the easiest way for the pack horses to carry your luggage whilst on the trekking days.  Your rucksack can then stay behind in the hotel.


I am afraid that the Mindo Forest will have to remain unexplored by us on this trip.Other stuff:

Is everyone bringing their own snorkelling kit?

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.John & Elaine



Bonsoir John and Elaine - and any other Galapabloggers!

Thanks for the technical info. I have a Canon Eos 350, which is quite big, but I intend to get a camera bag that can be slung around my waist. I always take my good diving mask away with me, plus snorkel and maybe some light fins. Really excited about all the snorkelling we'll be doing - just as long as I don't meet any sharks...

Since you've had a conversation on kit: are we supposed to take rucksacks rather than suitcases or other kinds of bag?  Does this mean we have to carry our stuff around a lot ourselves?? What kind of sleeping bag are you taking? Not sure what tog (?) it should be.

I'm better prepared on the literature side. Have just received a bunch of books through Amazon and am immersing myself in Galapagan hist, ecol, biol - and, of course, TORTOISES! Rather too many of them, I think!

A bientot,




Thanks for that, John!

I've also had a bit of info from Karol at Exodus today.

It has a real expedition flavour, with all the prep and equipment! I'm enjoying it. My last big trip was down the Rift Valley, quite a long time ago now.

Best wishes,


We went in May 2010 - you will really enjoy it - esp if you have Pablo as your leader  Beware being woken at 0500 on San Cristobel by the sea lions barking

Four things the trip notes don't yet cover well

a) Tipping - is around $80 per person rather than the $50 mentioned

b) Sierra Negre trek  Waterproofs - take both lightweight jacket and trousers in case it rains (we expereinced a lot at times though it did clear for the spectacular sights).  Also strong recommendation to take walking poles

c) for snorkelling - take own mask and snorkel - the boats have flippers so more room in kitbag unless particularly want to take own.  Underwater camera would be good.

d) At Floreana your kitbag stays on the boat so prepare an overnight bag (daypack) when packing on leaving San Cristobel

In terms of eating on the Sunday after your arrival - avoid Hotel Quito - stuffy, slow and expensive. 

 Trust this helps



Many thanks, Steve, for the very useful advice!

I suggested to the rep that I take poles, and he said the collapsible ones only. I had planned to take my own diving mask, as you suggest.

I'm not quite clear about the daypack/kitbag uses. Please elaborate!!

Did you take binoculars?

Thanks again, Jane

PS Are you off somewhere exciting now?


Thanks for all the really useful info.




Jane Henriques

 Hello everyone!

Looking forward to meeting you all next week at Heathrow - if we manage to spot one another!

I feel more or less prepared - functionally, mentally, and almost physically...

Hasta la vista,


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