Anyone going on the Galapagos trip this October?  ANyone into photography?


I am on the trip as well, and I love photography, it still seems a long way off, but I we will all be at the airport before we know it.

 Will hopefully get some more photo practise before the trip, although not sure London Zoo and Kew Gardens are quite the same!

Hi, yes I think it will fly by until like you say we are in the airport in October.  It looks like you have been with exodus before as a member for 3 years? Reassuring that you have come back to them (I hope).  I'm wondering about storage for the photos taken, as everyone says you take loads?  Don't know whether to go with a lot of spare memory cards, or to try and store with some back up or drop box.  Have you any ideas of best way forward?  London zoo sounds a great place to practice, We are going to North Yorkshire Dales soon and it will be sheep and the occasional birds!

Hi, yes this will be trip 4 with them, and I have loved all of them, and some I would love to repeat, so will keep playing the lotter.

As for storage, I love photograpghy so always take my laptop so that I can clear memory cards on to hard drive & external hard drive. With laptop it also gives me the chance to delete any bad ones etc.  I know one of the others that is on the same trip as us will also do the same. 

North Yorkshire Dales sounds great, hope that you get the weather for it.

I think I am more concerned about clothes etc and storage of such, from everything I have read we will have very limited space, so need to think caerefully about luggage. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.



Hello to all future fellow passengers! Wow, am I looking forward to the Galapagos!!! Blue-footed boobies, here we come, LOL! I also love photography, and will be taking LOTS of memory cards, plus my ipad for extra storage and viewing/deleting purposes. I think Christine, above, may be referring to me actually...Thanks for that, CG! For me, it will also be trip 4 (third with Christine). Exodus are really great, so hope this trip will be too, am not in the least worried about that anyway! So see you all very soon, and love from rainy Geneva!

from Yorkshire, love the local scenery, work in health care and with young people. married to like minded hubby

Lovely to hear both your experiences with exodus - it is my husband Graham and my first time with them and we are so excited about the Galapagos - we used to do a lot of adventure stuff diving etc., but the last several years have been organised with work and caring, so have not done anything for ages too exciting.  Trying to walk and get some fitness back for the holiday to make the most of it and now the weather better, may be an easier task! Never used my ipad for backing up photos - maybe something to try as would be nice to be able to view them.  I expect one thing about these type of holidays is that everyone going because they love wildlife and looks like we all share photography too, so a shared interest! Hope you all enjoying the weather at the moment and Geneva shares in the sunshine too - heres to a great time Janine


It is rain, rain, rain here! So not the best time to go out... So lucky you are if you have an improvement in your weather! Enjoy...

I am a nurse in the emergency ward of the Children's hospital when not travelling. 

Raining again here too! I'm a nurse too Jennie, so we'll have a rule no shop talk! but we are in very different roles. I work with young people but in the community, through criminal justice system. I'm sure we will be organised by why we have seen anyway. Been practicing taking photos of rabbits, hares, snails, dandelions and birds in readiness for hols, think my neighbours think I'm a little strange! hope all well and time is flying now.

I'm also going on this one :-)



Hello again from Geneva. Nice to see more people login in. We have finalized the payment, so now we are going to HAVE TO go!!! Galapagos & blue-footed boobies, beware!!!

Looking forward to meeting everybody on this new adventure... 

Hi Keren, nice to see another traveller on board.  i will be paying for mine next week, so yes makes it more real.

 Can't wait now, seems so close. Will be out this weekend enjoying the weather and doing some photo practise, altghough not sure olympic statue mascots round London are quite the same as the Blue-footed boobies!


Hi Keren and Christine! Do you have any idea if we need a Visa for the US as we are going through Houston, Texas, apparently? Exodus told us we do, but US website says we don't as UK passport holders?????

Hi Jennie, does that mean you have the flight itinery.......I have looked at the KLM site and they don't show any stops in USA?????so who are we flying with?


I was told we fly through Houston, Texas, on our way to Quito. We need an ESTA authorisation, but need the airline and flight number for the application form, which I am going to ask exodus for tomorrow. Don't understand why they have not supplied it already, as they know we need it... Anyway...


Hello to all!

Our flight number is UA035 with United Airlines. Everything is in fact written on the latest trip notes/info we received... See you all soon at Heathrow! 

from Yorkshire, love the local scenery, work in health care and with young people. married to like minded hubby

not sure why the message keeps appearing everytime i log on!  Anyway thank you for the information - we have not received a latest trip notes, so will follow that up.  Can get on with visa now.

Thanks again

I think I had the last place am very excited about this trip. Looking forward to meeting you all. There's lots to think about and plan!


Last night I had a dream where we were arriving at the hotel in Quito, called "El Ecuadorian"... Wander if it really exists... LOL! Well, we are definitely getting closer, and with the rain, rain, rain we have here at the moment, it was nice to experience a bit of oniric sun & warmth!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon... 


Hi Everyone, We're really looking forward to this trip and as everyone says now we've paid for it , it seems a lot closer.

Looking forward to meeting up with you all.

spoke to someone who has been to Galapagos for a few days only and they took about 1000 photos a day and does not take many usually!  Think we are going to take plenty of memory/storage?  Nice to see some others on this link - makes it feel even more real now.  Look forward to meeting you all soon. Janine


Well, about photos, I believe it is a bit like when you invite people to dinner: it is better to have plenty to eat and your guests feel so well treated and full, than when they leave on a half empty stomach and think you are rather mean!

At least we will all have an interest in the viewing - maybe need a photo of the day to vote on! 

The time since booking this trip have just flown by so I am guessing that the next 4 weeks will fly by even quicker.

I like the idea of a photo a day! it will keep us on our toes.

Currently clearing out the laptop and hard drive to make sure that I have the space to save all the hopefully lovely photos that I will take.

 See you all soon



Yes, I like that idea too! And then we can have a "Photo of the trip" among the best "Photos of the day"! OMG, Paul... what have you done to us???? Giggles... Will explain in due course to the non-initiated...

Lots going on at the moment, can hardly believe we should be in Ecuador some time soon! At least it should be warmer!!! See you all very soon... 

In  that case you can spend your free time practising your panning shots on birds!

Hi Christine: whereabouts in London are you?

And Hi to everyone else:  Is anyone staying at a hotel at Heathrow the night before?

 I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away now :-)  I'm excited. 


Hi Keren, I am south London, close to Croydon, and I work in town,

As for night before, I have already booked up a hotel in Heathrow, just to save me the ealry morning commute on a Monday Morning! Bad enough when I have to go to work, don't fancy it with a case to carry!

 And wow only 3 weeks, that is just going to fly by.


Hi Christine

I'm in east London - Stratford to be exact.  I've booked the closest hotel to T4 --- on previous experience the overnight hotel is worth every penny :-) 

I work in town as well - near Holborn.  I'm originally from Yorkshire but I've been down here erm 30 years.

I know what you mean about the time flying - we'll be at Heathrow before we know it.

 :-) Keren


Hope to meet you there... around 8am? Do you know if we can check-in on-line on the sunday?

Hi Jennie

I don't know, but it's probably worth trying :-)

we are so excited now - got the (reasonable) underwater housing today for the snorkelling and got a shorty skin - we both looked like a telly tubby - literally we do, so please feel free to laugh with us, as we had so much fun finding something that fits! but at least feel we are ready now to enjoy our holiday. We are planning to stay over at Heathrow, so may see some of you there - take care Janine and Graham.  I asked abobut booking window seats to give a us a bit more room to spread out - Karol could not guarantee this as let us know they have a block booking, but has made a request for this - so will be interesting to see if we can book online.


Hello again! Should be possible 24 hours prior to departure, the reference number is  J9G3H6

Mind, there are 10 people on that booking... See you soon! 

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