Galapagos & Amazon

Anyone going to the above trip in May 2014? If so I would love to hear from you or if you have been to the Galapagos I would love to hear from you. I am also looking advice on what type of footwear to wear especially when the landings are wet landings from the boat. Travelling from Belfast and I am a bit nervous about the trip. I have been to Kenya and South Africa on my own on safari holidays with other companies and loved it. However this one feels much bigger. It is for longer and whilst I really look forward to it I also feel a bit in awe of it all. Any advice would be great.

Thanks, Kim


Hi J I am booking this trip this afternoon, I called up earlier to reserve a place while I had a look at the flight times etc, I am very excited but very nervous! I have never been anywhere like the Amazon or the Galapagos before so I have no idea what to pack.  Are you travelling on your own? I am and when I called earlier the company said there was only one other solo traveler on the trip in May.  What airport are you flying out from? I am travelling from the Isle of Man so will be going via Manchester.  Thanks Alex


Hi Alex, yes I am travelling on my own. So far we are the only solo traveller but it could all change between now and next May. I am travelling from Belfast to Heathrow and staying in a cheap hotel for the night and flying out the next morning. I am flying from Heathrow to Miami and then on to Ecuador. The flight goes out at 9.45am on 7th May. Are you going via Miami? Like yourself I have never been to the Amazon or the Galapagos but I am really looking forward to it. I have been to Kenya and South Africa on my own but this one feels a bit more daunting with all the airports. When you book you will get your trip notes and can log into the "univeral packing" for what to pack. A friend of mine has been here so she said "trekky sandals" for getting out of the canoe as sometimes we are in a couple of inches of water. I've ordered up a DVD on the Galapagos done by David Attenborough to put me in the mood and I also got the book "Lonesome George" about the tortoise who died June 2012. I think he was over a hundred years old but they couldn't get him a mate. Kim


Hi Kim, I have just booked :) very very excited now. I am flying Manchester - Amsterdam - Ecuador. This is my first holiday on my own. Thanks for the tip re the tip notes I will have look :) What time will you arrive in Ecuador? I land at 14:35 on the 7th. I am going to watch the David Attenborough series too before we go. Alex :)


Hi Alex, I arrive in Ecuador at 23.00. I'll be on the go from Belfast the day before as when I booked the girl said I would be better coming over to England the night before incase I missed my connection. I am booked on American Airlines so that is why I go to Miami but I see there are other connections from Amsterdam and also Madrid. I am sure there will be more people who will book before next May. At the moment there is us, a couple and a group of four. I don't know what the group of four consists of. This is my third holiday on my own and I know it can be a bit nerve wracking but there is also that sense of achievement that you can do this on your own. You will not be on your own when you get to Ecuador as we will be doing everything as a group. However the getting there can be a bit nerve wrecking. I am really looking forward to it as I love wildlife and watch Springwatch and the natural history programmes done by David Attenborough. It will be an amazing experience for everyone. Kim :-)

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