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I am thinking about a Galapagos trip on the Cachalote I for April and just wondered if anyone could give me any information about the boat? Is there a bar, dining room, sun deck ect? I would be travelling solo, does everyone eat together?


Hi Wilko-Pink - I was on the cachalote about 12 months ago on the AAW Galapagos Wildlife Cruise.  The dining area doubles up as the lounge/bar and there are a couple of areas where you can take the sun although the actual sun-deck itself is quite small (as the cabins which are very small).  If you do a bit of trawling on the net you will be able to find some pictures, but if you give me your e:mail address I would be happy to send you some of mine.  Everyone does eat together, but it is all very informal and friendly.  There were 12 of us on our trip - 4 couples and 4 singles. Regards, Alison.



thank you, i have found some pictures on the internet and the boat looks very nice. some reviews of the boat i read said that sharing a room with someone you dont know is quite tricky as they are so small. How did the solo travellers on your trip get on sharing? thanks

Hi there. I was on Cachalote last December - most were in couples though I was just sharing with someone I knew, not my partner. The cabins are tiny - you won't spend any time in them except when using the bathroom or asleep. As long as you can organise yourself so only 1 person is standing in the cabin at one time then you'll be fine - e.g. one gets up and showered and out and then the other and vice versa for bedtime.

I honestly don't think I would have had a problem as a solo, sharing.

Enjoy - it's a fab trip.


Most of you have been and come back by now. I'm booked for spring next year. How much snorkelling is involved? Will I be a total 'wimp' if I'm not exactly proficient and will I have to go flinging myself backwards off a dinghy? I'd love to enjoy below sea level as well as above, so do I take myself off to a dive school for a bit of tuition? I'm an OK swimmer, but not for hours on end. The bottom line is - if the water's too darned cold I won't be going in anyway!!

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There are plenty of snorkelling opportunities during the trip on the Cachalote and I'm sure you'll want to join in at some point as the underwater world in the Galapagos is incredible!! Most days you'll have the opportunity to go in the water if you want to. Lots of people prefer to wear a life jacket whilst snorkelling and this should help you feel safer if you're not the most confident swimmer - the boat crew are always on hand to assist as well and will keep an eye on the group whilst they are snorkelling as well as helping individuals in and out of the boat if they need it. Depending on the weather and currents, snorkelling can be tiring, so the best practice you can do is to build up your swimming strength in between now and your trip, if possible using a mask and snorkel in a pool to get the hang of the breathing. Hope this helps! I'm sure you will love it!

Vicky (Trip Manager)

Thanks, Vicky. It's upside-down in the bath, then .............

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