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just booked galapagos islands aag for 2nd April, it would be great to hear from anyone else going on this trip


Booked this one too. It said one space left when I booked, so I guess it should be a full boat. I went on this trip round the Western islands in September. Doing the Eastern islands this time to see the Albatross. Looking forward to it.

wow, twice in a year that is impressive. Any tips or must take essentials other than the obvious. I emailed in the week to ask about the trip make up as it said it was nearly full and this is what they said

I basically check if there are still spaces on the boat whenever we get anyone interested in any Galapagos cruise so some trips may look full but we sometimes can still take more passengers. The boat has 8 cabins for 16 passengers.

Anyway, at the moment we have 6 people booked on and 1 holding an option. There are two couples, 1 solo female and yourself on the trip.

The Exodus forum never notifies me when a there is a response to a forum post.

Mt main advice would be to take plenty of memory cards. I took about 4,000 photos last time. And also to take some high factor sun cream.

This trip has now been taken of the Dates and Prices screen, so we must have a full boat. There were only 4 of us last time.

There is also plenty of helpful advice in the reviews and the Departures forum.


i am thinking of getting myself a netbook so i can  back up my photos daily. Did you get much free time on the boat on your last trip?

There is quite a bit of spare time on the boat. There were a few days were we would sail for a couple of hours around lunch time to get from one landing site to another. So there is a bit of free time to relax. I would usually spend it scanning the seas for wildlife.

I took my ipad with me and found it useful to back up photos and write notes of where we had been and what we had seen. Then of course, it had all my reading books, guide books and trip notes as well as internet for the Quito hotel.

What day are you arriving in Quito? I get there late Saturday, so have some extra time. 

I am going out on the group flight so dont arrive until the monday. Would love to go to Mindo on the free day in quito if I get the chance. I would have liked to have had a couple more days to explore ecuador but not quite brave enough to travel out and stay completley on my own yet!

Mindo was great. If others are going I would definetly tag along. You can get so close to the hummingbirds it is unbelievable. The sound as they buzz past your ears! I have a video of them here:


Not long now

Anyone else joining us?

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