General queries about trails of Vietnam

Don't know if anyone can help with these queries:

My previous Exodus trips (Kili,Annapurna) have been trekking only. Is the trekking on this trip the same degree of difficulty - don't expect high altitude etc but would like to know if I can get away with good trainers or do I need climbing boots?Cycling - modern European type bikes with gears etc or heavy sit-up-and-beg sorts? Should I bring gel saddles covers or anything else?Canoeing -  I can row but haven't done much actua lcanoeing. Will this be a problem.Water - is this OK or do we need purifying tablets?

Any advice gratefully accepted! 


Hi Lizzie,

In reply to your questions:

It's nothing like Kili or Annapurna. The trekking is easy. I would reccomend trainers/light walking shoes with a good grip as it can get slippery. Some parts of the trek are a bit steep. Most of the walking is along the village roads.You will be riding local bikes when in Hue and 'European' ones in Delta. I found the gel saddle very useful. Not at all. You can simply paddle around the boat if you are not too confident. They are two man canoes, so you can pair up with someone more experianced. It's great fun!Bottled water is readily available for purchase.

I hope this answers your questions.


Hi Aurelija,

That is really helpful thanks. Final query - the FCO website says that anti-malarials are not needed for the cities or down the East coast of Vietnam - which is most of the trip, apart from the trekking. I appreciate that you can't give expert advice on this, but do travellers on this trip usually bother with Malarone etc.

Many thanks. Lizzie


Hi Lizzie,

Anti-malarials are recommended for the trekking part. The rest of the trip is in low risk areas, thereofre it's up to you whether you decide to take the tablets or not. Some more cautious people do take them, others rely on mosquito spray. Personally I only used mosquito spray there. Please make sure you get some advice from your GP as well.


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