Getting some practice in

Just realised I posted last time using the wrong departure date, I'm actually going on the 22nd!

Had my first bash at canoeing for a fair few years the other day, ready for the trip, only in a swimming pool but I loved it!


Hi Lynne,

Just to let you you know that I have also booked this trip departing on 22 July.   My friend Matt has too and we are both really looking forward to it.

We tried whitewater rafting for the first time last year in Nepal and absolutely loved it.

8 weeks to go and counting...




My girlfriend and I are joining you on this trip, and I for one am certainly looking forward to it!

Been rafting a few times in Scotland before, but always found the conditions to be a bit placid and weak. Hoping for something a bit more challanging this time!

Sounds like I'm more of a novice than you guys. Only been down the White water course at Notts last year, loved it and wanted to try the real thing, so this sounded ideal. Travelling with 17 year old son, Jack, who is up for anything too.

Not long now!


Andy sent me the link to this forum, thought I'd say hi too. 

Wouldn't worry about being a novice Lynne, I am completely new to rafting myself. I've done some canoeing and kayaking before though, so reckon it will be fine. Really looking forward to trying it out! 


Hi everyone - so looking forward to the holiday and hopefully some sunshine.

Matt phoned up last week and found out that there are 8, possibly 9 booked on this trip.

If anyone wants to meet up at Luton airport then let me know.

I was told there are 9 of us. Happy to meet up first at the airport. I'm parking at Hemel Hempstead and getting a hotel xfer in and am bound to be there way too early. I've not travelled from Luton before so someone else will have to suggest somewhere.

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