Getting a Visa for Vietnam

Hi, I am off on the cycling vietnam tour at the end of October and I need to get a visa. I have heard of various ways to apply for a visa and it seems like doing it in person at the embassy isnt necessarily the cheapest or easiest option.

Reading the travel notes, I see that Exodus do recommend an agent who can do this, but charge a significant service fee. Lonely Planet suggests using one of the online agencies to get a permission to enter and then getting it stamped on arrival (which is apparently cheaper than going to the embassy).

Is anyone able to comment on how they have gotten their visa?  And whether they can recommend an online agent?


I am off to Vietnam on a different trip. I downloaded a form from the Vietnamese embassy web site and sent it direct to the embassy in London. Very straight forward. Was returned within a week


Hi Ruth
I'm in your group along with another 5 kiwis (I guess that makes us a flock :-)).
Our visas were all handled by our agent here and seemed pretty straightforward. This is first time for all of us in vietnam and on a biking holiday - we're all looking forward to it but have a few uncertainties about fitness, heat and nasties (like malaria, rabies and dengue)
Looking forward to meeting our fellow travellers.


Apparently we paid about nz$230 per visa (£120) but that probably has no bearing on uk costs.

I'm off to Vietnam on Thursday - I just downloaded the application form and sent it off with a cheque and an addressed envelope for its return.  Came back in under 2 weeks.  I don't see the point in paying an agency a fortune to do something that's easy enough to do myself.


ok well have submitted my visa application to the embassy direct. Seems straight forward enough, we'll see.

Jane - I look forward to meeting you guys. I presume you are travelling from NZ? I am travelling from the UK but arrive 2 days ahead of the group and have an extra night at the end and am just trying to organise my accommodation. Just wondering whether you are doing the same and have any hotel recommendations?



Hi Ruth, we're travelling from NZ with one night in Singapore, arriving in Saigon on the 20th . In Saigon we're booked into the Huong Sen Hotel for the 20th and this is part of the package. At the end we have the night of the 3rd at the Thien Thai Hotel and then leave for Singapore. There might be a recommendation from one of the earlier tour groups.

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