Gorillas and Masai Mara - 29th July

Hi - Who else is going?

I'm Claire, from Bath and travelling solo. V excited.

Be good to hear from fellow travellers!


Hi - my husband and I are on that trip! We fly earlier but will be on the flight to Kigali with the group.

 have you been there before?



Hi Leanne

No - not been to Africa before. Have you? Where will you be coming from?



We are coming from London but a little earlier than the group flight. Both of us have been to parts of Africa before but not Rwanda or Uganda so it should be fun! how long ago did you book? What do you do when you aren't on holiday?!


Hi , I am coming ! I am flying out on the 29th on Virgin as not coming back until a couple of days later, due to work.

I live near Twickenham and am travelling solo too.



Leanne - I was the last to book this trip - about 2 weeks ago. Just get to fit all my jabs in!

I'm a primary school teacher. Can't wait for the hols!

Hi Rosie - Nice to 'meet' you!

Have either of you done  a safaru before?



Hi everyone!

I'm booked on that trip as well. Will be taking the group flight from London, travelling solo and this will be my fifth time to Africa. By the way, I'm from Spain. 

Rough 17 days to go...!



No not been to Africa before - travelled a lot though and while I live in London I am Australian.

See you soon


My boyfriend (Matt) and I are going on this trip and we are both very excited!  We live near Manchester but will be driving down to London 2 weeks today to get the group flight.

 Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!


Hi everyone...I'm flying out on the 29th from Dublin. Hope ye all have safe flights and see ye in Rwanda.



Hi everyone. I'll be joining the rest of you on this tour. Not long to go now. I'll be in Kilgali a day early and travelling on my own. Like Leanne, I'm looking forward to the end of term. Yep. Another teacher. American living in the south of England. Good luck with all of your preparations and packing.


Hello all

Are you guys taking US dollars or is UK sterling ok?

Getting a bit nervous now. Packing tomorrow!



Hi everyone.  My name's Lucy and I'm another teacher.  I'm also travelling on my own.  Had a really tricky rollercoaster of a year and booked this holiday a while ago 'for me'.  Feeling a bit worried so a confidence boost on arrival would be greatly received!  xx

Claire - I was a bit unsure about what currency to take too so I emailed exodus and they said it would be best to take US dollars.  I will be going to get them tomorrow!

Can't believe we go this Friday - very excited!!

Good luck with all your packing and see you soon.



Thanks for that Rachael.

Think I'm pretty sorted on the packing front. Not sure I can lift my own bag!

See you at Heathrow on Friday. Thought I'd aim to get there by 5pm ish. Sound about right?

See you soon!!


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