Gorillas and Masai Mara - AYU

Just had AYU confirmed - second exodus trip to east africa (AYK previously).  I sort of arrived on this one via a roundbout route (originally planning Namibia this year and Gorillas in a couple of years time, but swapped around due to changing plans!)

I'm travelling solo and looking forward to the adventure - be keen to hear from anyone else on this trip.




Booked this trip too some weeks ago! First time I go to africa and also traveling solo so I'm already nervous :) 



Booked this trip too some weeks ago! First time I go to africa and also traveling solo so I'm already nervous :) 


Great to hear from another traveller - I can't believe it's only four months to go!  Really looking forward to this one - especially hanging out with the Gorillas!


4 months still seems long to me ! :p everyone i talk to seems to be leaving now already, i'm so jealous!!!  (sigh at me posting twice the same.. )

With a month to go I thought I'd bump this thread up a bit!

Hi to both of you - I too was going to do this trip solo but it's my mum's dream to see the gorillas so she's coming too - at least i know who i'm sharing my tent with.  We only booked last week but know that we took the last 2 places.  This is my first trip with Exodus.  Looking forward to the adventure!


Hi Emma - good to hear from another fellow traveller, I must confess to getting really quite excited about the trip now - having re-read the itinery today it does look like it'll be one highlight after another. 

While the gorillas will amazing I'm looking forward to the Mara and seeing some of Kigali too.


mmh I'm a bit confused about how big or so the travel bag can be... It says on trip notes that you best store your clothes etc in the locker which is only 30x40x50cm ... How are u guys gonna do it?

On my last trip the lockers were under the seats of the truck and we emptied out kitbags into the locker space under the seat.  We stored our sleeping bags and boots at the back of the truck.   Space is a little tight, but everything goes in.

When we all get on the truck it can be a bit chaotic with everyone trying to stow their gear - so it's worth packing the things you'll need for the first night and next day in a separate bag or stuff sack.  You can then throw everything in your locker and leave bag on top.  You will get the chance to organise your locker how you'd like it at some point during day 1 or 2.

Of course on my last trip the truck was an older one, the newer ones may be different!!

I used an exodus kit back to get all my stuff out there, and just shoved this in the bottom of the locker with all my stuff on top.  For this reason it's best to avoid bags with hard bases or framed rucksacks.

 Hope this helps


Hi Paul 

Just logged on to see if there were any other fellow travellers that had logged on with less than a week to go!

Really not sure how this locker stuff works....how you do you keep stuff clean if not in a bag?

Also - do people stay in the same clothes all day - or tend to change?...haven't done this sort of trip before and trying hard to pack with the bare minimum as we have sleeping bags this time too....dont want to be bringing "normal" non travelling clothes if this is not the done thing.




Hi Emma - yep just 4 days!!

I totally understand your point - packing for this type of trip can be "interesting".  I generally work on the basis of picking clothes that can be rolled up as small as possible  (Tech T-shirts ar pretty good).  The downside of this is you can end up wearing the same type of stuff all trip!

On my last trip I took mostly treking kit, but with hindsight I think a bit of a mixture would have been better.  On AYK I found that some days were quite leisurly and ideal for every day wear, while others required more active clothing.  I think the best advice would be to go for comfortable active clothing - don't worry about being too dressy (although as a someone that only ever wears T-shirts and trainers thats easy for me to say!!).  I do think it's worth taking some more "normal" clothes to change into in the evenings.

Bear in mind that temperatures can vary a lot - so a fleece and zip off trousers are high on my list of essentials!   

With the locker last time I found there wasn't any problem keeping stuff clean, but it was just a bit tricky to keep organised. 

Millets/Blacks do some 20 litre compression sacks for around a tenner - you basically pack your stuff in and then tighten the staps to reduce the size.  While they don't work miracles they are great for organising your bag and should fit the locker quite well (at least that's what I'm hoping!!). If it's anything like last time it's really fun but chaotic joining the truck, so it'll take a bit of time to organise your locker as you want it - but it's amazing how quickly you get used to it

Hope this helps - I've not had the most extensive travelling experience, so I've tried to base it on the lessons learned last time!


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