Gorillas and Masai Mara Oct 14th 2011

Hi all

Just introducing Nick and myself before we travel - looking forward to making contact with anyone else travelling on Friday 14th - excited already


Hi Beth

Just wanted to drop you a reply as I went on this trip last year, October 15, to be precise.  You'll have a fantastic time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



That's wonderful to hear thanks Andrew - we went to Botswana last year with Exodus and also had a fantastic time ... I may well come back to you with a few questions. Really appreciate you taking  the time to mail :)

Hi Beth, Recently booked this trip for me and hubby, I believe there is only one place left now on it.  The fantastic photos and excellent reviews sold it for us. So hopefully we will have a great holiday.


Hi Beth / everyone,

Booked on this a couple of months ago with my wife Gina so I thought I'd log on to say hello. Really looking forward to the trip; it will be our first time in Africa....

Regards, Jim 

Jim, Gina - fantastic to hear from you . Nick and I are really looking forward to October as well . We've just had a weekend with our travelling companions we met on an Exodus holiday last year to Botswana - the memories were great and the excitement is building already for the next trip...


Hello everyone Beth,Nick,Marilyn,Jim
My mum and I are really looking forward to this experience have been on a couple of safaris but none as adventurous as this!!! We really can't wait. If anyone has any useful tips about anything I would be grateful to hear them. We are getting visas in Kenya and Uganda is anyone else doing that??!!
Cindi x

Hi Cindi - on our last trip we were told that we could get the entry visas on arrival the borders - and we did with no problem ! I had looked into getting them ahead of time but realised that the cost and theeffort was going to be high . I called Exodus and they re-assured me that I didn't need them ahead of the trip so once again we are going to get them with $ when we arrive at the borders :)

Hi Cindi, we will also get the visas at the borders unless the advice changes in the meantime. It seems a good idea to keep a check on the latest information when travelling to some of these countries. Marilyn


Hello Everyone, I booked the last place on this trip! I'm really looking forward to it. My sister and brother-in-law did it a couple of years ago and say it was amazing.  Jen.

am going on this trip also. desperately trying to keep clothes to minimum. Any suggestions.

I'm not a master of packing but have learnt the hard way that taking too much is a hassle and a pain when we are on the move a lot of the time  - I've got a couple of pairs of light weight walking trousers ( that turn into shorts ) and light weight long sleeve T shirts - sleeves down for chilly mornings and up for hot afternoons. walking boots and sandals both used and glad I didn't just take either or . Would not compromise on underwear - however grubby my outer clothes always had a new pair of pants to look forward too each day !!! Kept to cotton for all clothes - essential in the heat and dried quickly if we got stuck in a shower. Taken advice and will bring a jacket this time - think mornings will be cool . Really glad I took a few scarves - really useful for bad hair days and windy trips in open trucks - good protection against sunburnt neck as well . Good walking socks are an essential for me despite the heat  , warm feet at night and bug bite protection ! don't forget a hat ... all my stuff rolls up tight - used plastic bags and packed  everything into them - great way of keeping clean and dirty separate . Hope this helps - ps. After lost a bag after the flight I keep a few spare pieces in my rucksack along with my anti malarials etc - spent the first days with my new friends on the last trip wearing my husbands clothes !! very liberatiing - he was glad it was my bag that went awol and not his !!

Tks Beth, It looks as if i can cut my clothes yet again. I lost all my luggage enroute to Antartic and had to replace surprisng how little you need, although I had laundry facilitates. Am also in process of cutting down toiletries, as they weigh quite a lot and there are many products now that cover multiple uses. Look forward to seeing you all at airport 14th.

wonderful ! feels like we are nearly there now ... as we've both lost luggage before it should be someone elses turn this time :)


Yes it is getting nearer. Packed and weighed clobber (9.9kg), my scales must be wrong. I read on forum that it good idea to take articles (e.g. pencils etc) for the children any thoughts???


Hi all just been reading beths advice on clothes thank god for Beth!!!!! I have packed and repacked I don't know how many times and it's always the little things that take up most space so great to have someone who knows. Not long now can't wait! Hi ettienne I am taking little bundles of pencils for kids etc and I think my mum plans to take some little pads too . It is nice to have something useful to give to the kids . How about toilet paper! How many rolls to pack!Well if anyone has any useful info on anything (packing food visas money loo roll!)I would be interested in your thoughts! How much (and what currencies) is everyone taking?
Can't wait to meet you all :)

Re toilet paper, just bought 2 boxes essential Waitrose (65 leaves each box). Other alternative take out middle of ord roll and flatten. I'm full of useless information. Am quietly panicking, that not packing right, will forget something important ( like passport!!!!) Has anyone weighed their luggage yet. Am taking $ and a  few £'s. I added  together visas, optional excursions/activities + tips + food then some for pressies giving me a rough guide.


Hi Andrew I have been reading all your advice on all the other AYU trips departing soon it's all really useful and interesting to read we have 5 weeks left til takeoff can't wait!!! If you have any general info would be great I seem to have a huge amount of toiletries (SPF shampoo etc.!) what would you suggest as essential?


Hi Cindi

There are so many things to consider for such a trip like this, so if you think of any more questions just ask and I will endeavour to answer them for you.  (I'm doing Exodus' job here!)  I seriously don't mind helping fellow travellers on a trip that I have have experienced.

Those 5 weeks will soon pass and before you know it you'll be on that Kenya Airways to Nairobi.  Essential toiletries are:

shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste,  anti-bacterial hand gel, deodorant, wet wipes, at least 50% Deet mosquito repllent, suncream, and of course toliet roll (don't bother with those travel sized rolls, best off taking normal sized loo rolls (several should be ok), and as someone has already suggested, take the tube out and squash it.  You can buy toiletries in the supermarkets in Nakuru town or any other major town.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a very bright, reliable head torch! It will be come your best friend. 

Can't think pf any more tips right now, but if you have any burning questions..I'll be in the UK until the end of this month before I set off to Nepal and Tibet.

Take care 


Well, this trip is really creeping up on us fast now!

We've not started with the packing yet but would echo Beth's view that taking too much can be a pain & small plastic bags are really useful for keeping things dry, dust free & organised. Elastic bands are also handy; roll clothes up & pop one round them to keep the size down. Also packing items into smaller chunks (e.g. a couple of shirts) rather than one big bag might also help things fit into the locker better. I'm assuming that we can buy the odd thing along the way from local shops too if I run out, so not taking much toiletry-wise. When I've got all my stuff together, I'll swap half the items with Gina so if one bag gets lost in transit we'll still have some clothes each. Also pack right up to the size / weight limit in my hand luggage on the outward journey in case the main bag gets lost. The list of items needed in the trip notes seems to be pretty sensible & I'm taking a poncho as opposed to waterproofs as I get too hot in them. I always find it useful when I get back from a trip to make a mental note of what I've actually used / not used so I can do it better next time, & now just take a couple of changes of clothes that can be hand washed along the way & dry very quickly. If I run short I can usually buy a cheap t-shirt somewhere, but I always try to keep one set of decent clothes un-used in reserve for the flight home though.

I'm assuming getting the visas as we arrive/cross borders is still best as I've not heard different but does anyone know how many passport type photos are needed for all the visas & permits for the trip as we may as well get them now?

Hi jim

I've not needed passport photos on the african trips before - nothing in the notes ? will check :)

Looking forward to meeting you all - Andrew , pity you aren't on the trip again !





Thanks Andrew for advice I now have a decent head torch and all (probably more than necessary!) toiletries hope you have a fantastic time in Nepal I'm sure you will , I will look for your comments on the forum when you get back.
I don't know if anyone has got their malarone malaria tablets yet but I have been doing the rounds and found that superdrug high street is doing them at trade price £2.28 per tablet!!!! It works out way cheaper than any other place.
See you all soon xx

Thanks for the info on malarone Cindi, it's still the same price at Superdrug, as you said cheapest place by far. Even Asda / Tesco were over 2.50 each.

Our spare bedroom looks like a team of baboons has been at work ! all stuff ready to be packed. Nick is in the garden without a care and a bottle of beer just hoping that the 'packing fairy' visits again and remembers his swimming trunks this time .....


Snap Beth, our spare bedroom too. Will has had a practise pack and decided there is too much in his and is having a rethink and will try again next weekend. I haven't even got round to a trial pack, still thinking about what to take or is that what not to take!



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