Gorillas and Masai in November '09

Hello...   anyone going on this trip too??!!


Hi, I am also going on this trip with a friend I met whilst on a trip in Cuba last year, really excited and can't wait.

He he...thats me!!  :D  Maybe its just us!


That is so funny :))

I was woundering what you were thinking of doing on the 'free' day

Louise Martin

I am going on this trip, never been on one before, am so looking forward to it. Just trying to get things organised.


I've been on a couple of trips, they are very well organised, busy and so much fun. I've met some fantasic people on the trips i've been on. Can'twait, just not looking forward to having more jabs !!

Hey another person!  Hello!  Can't wait till november!  Not very organised  compared to you two though lol, Ive got a sleeping bag and rucksack and thats it! Guess I should start looking at visas and stuff too!

Louise Martin

Am glad there's people going who have been on similar trips, got jabs organised today and visas at the weekend hopefully, getting excited now. I have a question, are we met at nairobi airport by an exodus person?  


Yes we do get met at the airport, they will have a little board that say's 'Exodus' on it, but you will find that you tend to meet others going on the trip at Heathrow so don't worry about being on your own and not knowing where you are going.

Still got to sort my Visa's and jabs out


Hi,  My wife Jane and I will join the trip in Africa - flying in courtesy of Airmiles, then local flight to Kigali!!

Been on quite a few of these now, Balkans, Galapagos, Vietnam, Laos/Cambodia/Thailand etc.  This one should be the best yet!!!  Derek B


Hi, I'm on this trip as well. Getting very excited.  Just got a question everyone seems

to be organizing their visas this end? Is there something you know that I don't.

Was going to get mine on arrival at Nairobi


Myself and 'Sunsearcher' checked with Exodus and they said most get them on arrival and it isn't a problem, so that is what we are going to do now, don't trust the postal system at the moment !


My wife and I will get them at the borders.  Remember to ask for a double entry visa if you are going in, out, in and out of some countries.  Detail is in the trip notes.    Derek B



I'm not on your trip, but have been through Nairobi a few times. There's no real problem with getting a Visa when you get there, except that there is a seperate queue for people requiring visas and this queue tends to move a lot more slowly than the queue for people who have visas already. Last time I was there I got my visa on arrival but it meant queuing for about 2 hours. The other thing is make sure that you have the right money for the visa in US$. They only take cash and sometimes claim they don't give change. Last time I was there I only had a $50 note and was given the choice of letting them keep the change or going to the bureau de change in the arrivals hall and joining the back of the queue again.

Louise Martin

Hi everyone,

I have got my visas already, only because this is my first time doing one of these trips and had time. I am so looking forward to going, only five weeks to go. Is everyone flying from heathrow? I am flying down from glasgow to heathrow then going on the group flight. Still got some clothes to get and a few odds and ends, trying to practice with my new camera at the moment.


Off to get my Yellow Fever jab today, not looking forward to it - don't plan on having anymore for a while! Think i have everything I need, just the little nicknacks, would like to have a new camera, will have to see what i can find.

Will be getting the train to Heathrow from Bath, can't wait.

Back to work on Tuesday with only 3 sets to work, it is going to fly by.

 See you all soon


I have just been on this trip - it is wonderful and you will have a great time.  If you have any questions then please let me know and I will try and answer them.

Kind regards



Hi Andrea, I have seen your comments on the other feed.

 How much Cash would you suggest you need ??

Is there anything that you wish you had taken ? or Not even

Thanks x

Louise Martin

I can't believe its only 2 and a half weeks away, am so looking forward to it. Got everything now just to try pack it. Does anyone know how much money is recommended for this trip?  see you all soon! lou 


I took £50 changed into Kenyan shillings and $460 in cash.  I spent all the shillings and about $300.  I did not upgrade accommodation, go white water rafting or buy lots of items to take home.  I think it's cheaper to pay for the rafting, bungy jumping, other Jinga activities with $US cash as they add a 5% charge to pay by credit card.  I would recommend taking more than you think you will need as it's not that straightforward to get money from ATMs etc.

I hope you have a fantastic trip.

Kind regards



I only have 7 working days left, tee hee. Getting excited now, just order my camera, hope it arrives in time !

Sad I know but I have packed, just a few little bits to get and money.

see ya all soon


So excited now!!!  Think I've got everything, just need currency too. Ordered 50 Kennyan shilling but still trying to decide on the rest!  Keep thinking there must be something obvious I've forgotton!  Can't wait to meet u all xx


Andrea -- must be depressing reading all these shouts from us excited peeps preparing to go; as you have just come back !!!!   Would like to pick your brains though!  The weather is looking stormy at the moment in all the three cities; how wet was it ?  Also, in the evenings I’m assuming nothing more than a fleece top? 

Hi Mark

We had torrential downpours in Kigali, Ruhengeri, Lake Bunyoni and some rain on the boat trip on Lake Victoria.  It didn't interfere with anything we wanted to do apart from perhaps at Bunyoni where we spent the whole afternoon in the bar!

I took a waterproof jacket and trousers but preferred to use one of those disposable poncho type things which I also took.

The campsites virtually all have shelter (bars) and there's a tarp on the truck which is put up to provide shelter for eating when necessary.  The campsites are all grassy so we didn't have to deal with mud.  You can upgrade to rooms at most of them if the weather is too grim for camping (at Ruhengeri we were able to stay in dorms at no extra cost).

I recommend taking 2-3 black bin bags to transport your stuff from the truck to the tent in case of poor weather.  Also, I tend to keep everything in my day pack in plastic freezer bags.

I had walking boots to see the gorillas and it wasn't muddy so those people with trainers managed ok.  I think it might be more into rainy season now so boots might be a good idea.

You will have a great time - I am envious just thinking about it!  I felt like I was away for 2 months not 2 weeks as we did so much.  We had a mini reunion at the weekend and will be having a bigger reunion at the end of Nov.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


Sorry, forgot to mention fleece.  Yes, I had one thick fleece which was enough.  I took a woolly hat and thermals but didn't need them and actually was warm enough at night with a 3 season sleeping bag plus silk liner.  It can get a bit chilly on the back of the truck which layers, a fleece and some sort of hat are handy for.


Hi,  The allowance of 20kg seems rather meagre (BA allows 23kg)  Is a 3 season sleeping bag really needed if a fleece is taken and worn at night?  Thanks  Derek B

Hello Derek

Personally I would recommend a 3 season sleeping bag and they are reasonably light and can pack down quite small - it gets colder than you think in Africa at night.  I have never had a problem with the 20kg weight restriction, even when I was travelling for a year.  You will get the chance to get your clothes washed at Jinga and can hand wash a bit as you go along so you don't really need to take a lot more clothes than a few T shirts, a long sleeved shirt, a fleece and a couple of pairs of zip off trousers - the list that Exodus recommends is really helpful.  Also, the lockers are not huge so if you have more than 20kgs worth then you might not have enough room in the locker.  Also, you might like to save some space and weight for buying stuff when you are there.

I hope this helps.



Good advice, thank you.    Derek B

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