Gorillas & Masai Mara departure date 5th September

My wife, Carole, and I are booked onto this trip, departing London on 4th September and starting the trip from Nairobi the next day.

 Anyone else out there also on the same trip, we would love to hear from you.




Hi guys,

Yes, I am booked for this one too. I'm trying to work out the bst way to sort out the 3 visas at the moment.

I'm looking forward to the trip immensely. I've spent time game viewing at Kruger in S Africa, but this promises to be something else.

See you at Heathrow.




Bryan, great to hear from you.

We too needed to ask Exodus about the Visas. At the end of the day despite hearing about the potential queues at Niarobi airport, we decided to  to obtain our visas apon arrival at the countries. Exodus informed us that no Visa is required for UK citizens at Rwanda and the visas can be obtained at arrival in Kenya and Uganda but you have to make sure you have the exact money in US dollars, 50 USD for Kenya and 25 USD for Uganda. Just hoping that the queues arn't huge!





Hi again John and Carol,

I have also decided to take my chances in the queue and obtain my visas on entry. I'm wary about sending my passport anywhere as my son and I are on the Lycian Adventure in 2 weeks, so I need it back by then and I'm worried that if I send it off for the visas on return I won't have it back in time for travelling to Kenya. Not having my passport at the airport is one of my recurring nightmares!

Thanks for the advice on having the correct money. No one had mentioned that before.

See you in September.




We are a quiet bunch on this trip, probably too busy packing to log on!  I am also going from Heathrow on the 4th so will see you there.  First time to Africa so very excited.  I think I am just about ready. My only concern really is money, not sure how much cash / travellers cheques to take and in what currency.

See you soon.

Helen (from the West Midlands)


Helen, great to hear from you.

We also have trouble deciding how much money to take. I think it's probably going to be difficult to change traveller's cheques so we are going to take cash in US dollars. We have already paid for the balloon trip so from what I can gather there isn't going to be much else to spend your money on unless you are thinking of doing white water rafting. But then again it's best to take more than you think you are going to need just in case! Looking at the other stream for the group going out a week later than us they look like they are taking around $500, plus we will take a credit card just in case.  




Hello fellow travellers,

my sister, Jenni and friend, Dyphmna and I will be joining you in a couple of days time. We are flying out tomorrow to Nairobi to spend a couple of days relaxing before meeting up. We've just managed to squeeze everything in to our backpacks and hope we've got everything! Looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.


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