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Has anyone out there done both the Amalfi walking trip and the Kilimanjaro trip?  If yes, disregarding the fact that one might suffer from altitude sickness on the latter, how do the climbs compare?

I can say as I have done both these walks (With Exodus) these two trips are poles apart. The Almafi walk is sedate and leisurely - nice hotel each night, luxury compared with the Kili trip (Rongai Route) in a tent and it gets very cold as well as the altitude issues (Thankfully I did not suffer). However I would recomend both these walks for very different reasons.

The Almalfi walk - for a relaxing, beutiful scenery and great food. The Kili trip - a challenge and comradary. Both Fantastic!

I have done the Amalfi trip and plan to do Kili next year- I totally agree with Rangers comments re the Amalfi trip its nice walking in a beautiful area and the hotel that you stay in is a gem with food to die for - walking notwithstanding don't expect to lose any weight. 

Me and my partner are 50 and 60. We like to take this trip but little worried about climbing Mt. Sinai, Petra High Places and White Canyon. Is this trip for oldies as us? We live busy lifes we kayak, bike but we do not walk a lot. All day city walk is not a problem.... We did 25km walk Marocco Atlas but it was not any climbing or arduous terrain as the itinerary discribe. Please advice. Thanks

Hi Annj,  The Kili trip is fantastic - the Hotel at the start is great and the guides that Exodus use are brilliant. I did the Rongai route, it is not easy - but that should be expected. The day (I should say night and day) from base camp to the summit and back is very long and hard.

A few people on our trip did not make it to the top - which was such a shame- however the guides do give you the best chance of summiting. These people were only let down by the altitude (Can't be helped) and not really preparing themselves for the trip. 2 of these thought it would be easy - did no fitness walking before hand - brought new gear for the trip - and were sorry to say not in good general condition - They were great people to meet and they did try their best - but only they let themselves down. But the guides word is final - no arguments! Some lessons there to help prepare.

Good luck.!!! You will enjoy.

Summary - Hotel (Start and finish), guides, food, walking, scenery, achievement - out of this world. Notes - make sure you have a warm sleeping bag - we hit -15 deg one night. Layers and gloves and hat. - Sunglasses for the summit. - camera / spare batteries a must - protect both items from the cold. Else they will die on you- just at the wrong time. Also I did enjoy the mini safari on the last day - a bit of a rush - but good fun.

Hi Bacis - All this makes me sound an expert - I'm not - I just have travelled a lot and been very lucky. - Petra is a very long day! The city of Petra is 47 sq Km. It is huge - there are a lot of steps to some of the area's, but there is also a lot on the flat - We did not get to see everything.! However - its something to behold. I would return tomorrow if I could. Depending on the temperature and your times - you will be able to see most of the city. Take water with you, I won't spoil the wonder for you - But you won't be disappointed with this trip. The Pyrimids - also a long day - lots of walking in hot conditions - High factor sun creams a must and lots of bottled water. Great day!!!!!!! Lots of history - to much to take in on both locations - get a guide book before hand - take it with you - it helps with the understanding, The local guides were difficult to understand. MT Sinai - Great walking - but not too easy - dusty, rocky and sometimes a bit steeper than you would feel comfortable with. I would say a bit of extra walking - to build fitness would make the trip a lot more enjoyable, with less risk of injury or pulling something. On my trip - we had a 68 year old man - (USA) - He found it great - but he did do a fair amount of walking anyway. (He also liked his drinks) - Make sure your walking shoes / boots are well worn in.  ENJOY!!!!  I know you will.

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