Heathrow Closure-Travel Delays

Hi, we are booked to go on the Kenyan Tanzania Adventure, departing on 18th Dec.  Our flight was cancelled yesterday due to Heathrow Closure, and Kenyan Airways is now not answering the phone.  Are any of you also stuck? anyone know what is going on, what will happen?

I  had the same experience - ( different trip -MXW ) - there has been no communication  from exodus -  Maybe they were taken by suprise by the weather but if they want to be taken seriously they should perhaps be e-mailing us phoning us explaining the options or what they are trying to do . Are there any announcements on this exodus site ?

Having said that - It looks as though your fellow travellers are across the situation on a different strand just below - they have been talking to exodus - also ominously it looks as though there are still no arrivals into heathrow -  check heathrows own website though - in case this is wrong

( in fairness to exodus - they wont really know what to do until their hand is forced by a definite decision from the airport/airline -but would be nice to hear from them )

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