Heathrow Closures - Travel Delays

Hi, we are booked to go on the Kenyan Tanzania Adventure, departing on 18th Dec.  Our flight was cancelled yesterday due to Heathrow Closure, and Kenyan Airways is now not answering the phone.  Are any of you also stuck? anyone know what is going on, what will happen?


Hi me also - I eventually got through to Kenya Airways and they had rescheduled the flight for 9pm tonight but have now had to cancel that - they have advised we need to keep ringing after 6pm today and hopefully we will get a flight tomorrow. 

Does anyone know if our whole trip will be able to still go ahead but later if we can fly tomorrow? I can't get hold of anyone at Exodus, but I assume the whole group is in the same boat?



Hi Rebecca, we managed to get a hold of Exodus out of hours cover, you might be on hold for a while but they do pick up: 01582644100.  hey told us that we have two choices:

1. book a new flight with kenya airways and let exodus know so they will arrange local transfer from Nairobi to wherever the group is at that point in time.

2. request a cancellation and get a full refund.

 I am very impressed with this service.  We have not decided yet which option to take.  because if we cannot fly tomorrow, but only on tuesday night, we will arrive on wednesday morning, which is the day that the group will go on he big game drive, the one day i didnt want to miss, but by the time we have caught up with them that wednesday, we will have missed it.  so then i don't know if it is worth it stil the day remaining.  if we can fly tomorrow, i think we still want to go.

Will keep you posted!  But try the number mentioned above, they are very helpful!


please update me if you hear anything.  I am wanting to join the trip but thinking that if I can't get a flight by tomorrow evening, it will be too difficult to catch them up and we will have missed some really good stuff.

I'm at home at the moment and trying to contact the airline but cannot get through


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