Hello fellow travellers,

Anyone else booked this trip?

Looking forward to hear from you and can't wait for the trip;) Count down is on for me:)

Hi there, yes I'm booked on it too. Looks like loads of great activities for us each day. Just hope the weather isn't too hot.



Hello to you both - my partner Helen and I are booked for this trip (it's our first "organised" holiday) - very much looking forward to the warmer weather after the recent rain here in UK. From what I have read the Canyoning is well worth it, and we are looking at doing the paragliding on the day off too (fear of heights, look out!).

I think there is a lot of transferring around between the activities, so we will have lots of time to get to know everyone. I'm looking forward to finding some good places to eat and drink to top off the days

Cheers, Dan

Hi, don't worry about the holiday being too organised. I've been on a few and there are just a few times when you feel like you're being told what to do. But most of the time you're free to do what you want.

Well, by the looks of it the weather is 30-35, sunny maybe humid at this time of the year. I am coming with a friend of mine. This will be our first Exodus trip but we both big fan of outdoors and sports generally. The activities are very well selected indeed and i have to say I tried and love them all. I have heard Kas is a good nyte out too:)Really cant wait to go!!!!

Hi Guys,

You might know already but asked exodus, there will be 16 of us on this trip. That sounds really good to me, ideal group size. I hope we all have a fab time, but by the look of the reviews this trip usually is quite a good one.

A bit more than a week left now. I finished all my holiday shopping , fully kitted (at least hope so:) so more or less ready to go now.


What footwear do you have for the canyoning day? Not sure that I have anything that counts as having "ankle" support, but I do have some sturdy walking boots. Hopefully they'll be adequate.

The weather is looking excellent. I can't wait.


well, my friend who is a 'veteran' with exodus, said i should take a pair of Keen trekking sandals, as its will be hot anyway so it will be good use on the wet canyon walking and seekayaking days. So thats what I went for, apart from that i have trainer which have kind of ankle support, but I def dont want to wear that in such a hot wether, but I will be taking my biking shoes for sure.

So are you ready to go, started packing?:)


ok, I have just checked the most recent review on this trip and thats what it says:

 Now im thinking if i need to go and buy another pair of walking boots?:S

beforehand, having never done it before and not knowing what to expect, but we all loved it and found ourselves soon overcoming our fears of heights as we were encouraged to jump ever increasing distances from rocks into pools below.  I was unprepared for how visually stunning the canyon would be, too!  What did you think of your group leader? Maho is extremely enthusiastic and energetic; very knowledgeable about the area and a very experienced guide.  I was particularly impressed with how well he led the group on the canyoning day; it was clear that he knows the canyon inside out and was perfectly confident in helping us to negotiate the trickier slides and jumps. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

If you're a light sleeper, as I am, then earplugs are a must - the call to prayer from the nearby mosque woke me up at 4.30 am every morning (though the rest of the group managed to sleep through it most days - sheer exhaustion from the activities!)

You definitely need good walking boots with good ankle support for the canyoning day - don't get put off by the idea of being weighed down by heavy boots when they're wet; the ground underfoot is uneven at all times and you're better off with a heavy boot that supports your ankles than you are with a lightweight boot that doesn't!

Is there anything else you would like to add?Kas is an absolutely lovely town - loads of bars and restaurants, interesting shops and friendly locals.  Very hilly though - the uphill slog back to the hotel each night after dinner had us gasping for breath!



Hi, I did this trip last summer and if you have them I would recommend taking walking boots for the canyoning day so that they support and protect your ankles when walking over slippery rocks and jumping in to pools. Most people in my group wore these and none of us found them hot once we got wet - the walk in to the gorge is warm but you're soon in and out of water so it's fine. 

You'll have a great time - it was an absolutely fantastic week! If you have any questions about kit etc, just get in touch with the Customer Support Team as they'll be able to advice on the most appropriate stuff to take.

I hope this helps and that you enjoy it! 

Thanks Lucie,

Have a great trip in India!


hi everyone, just signed up today for this trip, im told theres 17off going now. looks like its going to be a fun week.


Packing due to start Saturday, have a 5 hour navigation race on Sunday, so might be a little tired Monday morning! Looking forward to some warm weather after another day of rainy summer here in UK. Am taking walking boots for Canyoning, and bought some cheap water shoes for the gorge walking - though think the feet might still get too warm in these.

Spoke to Exodus about special requirements, told not to worry about bringing a bike helmet or anything specific for the riding day. Have stocked up on Sunscreen for the hot days, and visualising sitting in a nice pub/bar at night with cold drink and great turkish food (have been recommended the hideaway bar).

Looks like a decent size group, so will be good to meet up on Monday, see you all then.

Cheers, Dan

ive got sorted with my walking boots too:) 

Hooooooooooooooollllllllllllllidaaaaaaaaaaay! c u all tomorrow!



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