Just booked on for the Highlights of Morocco trip departing on April 1st.  First time going on holiday alone, a bit scary, so thought it would be good to introduce myself to others going on the trip.

So.........I'm Andy, 35 and a teacher. 

Flight from LHR is pretty early, will probably stay the night before.  Anyone else doing this?



Hi Andy.

 I'm Laura, 23, from near Oxford.   I'm also booked on the Highlights of Morocco trip leaving on the 1st April. 

 I love going to new places, but unfortunately my friends do not, so I've been on quite a few holidays alone.  This is my first trip with Exodus though.  I have heard a lot of good things about them and it was actually 2 tour leaders from another travel company that persuaded me to try Exodus as they were very positive about the company and their tour leaders, so I'm sure we'll have a great time!

 I'm going to drive to Heathrow early in the morning as it's less than an hour away from home.

 See you in a few weeks!


Hi Laura,

Nice to meet you.  First time with Exodus myself, all the trips look great but as I've never been to Africa at all I thought I'd give Morocco a go and it fits in nicely with my Easter holiday too.  I've not done this type of trip before so I'm completely new as my usual holidays involve lazing around by a pool.  This type of thing looks like a nice way into a different kind of travel for me.  Not 100% sure on what I need to bring, any hints and tips?




So, I've lliterally just booked this trip (departing 1st April) and thought i'd see who elese was going! And while we're on intro's i'm Kate, 31 from Leicester. 

This is my first time with Exodus too, have previously done one similar group tour before in India with GAP tho I wouldn't use them again.

It looks like we'll have some long cramped drives, but hopefully the scenary, activities and covering so much of the country will make up for it!

I'll be on the group flight so hopefully see you guys at the airport?
I'll probably be looking very tired as to make the flight i need to get a 5am Nat Express coach down to Heathrow. Eeeeek!

Oh and Andy on things to bring, i had a good read of the reviews and some really good ideas in there...hand gel (to avoid upset tummy), loo roll/tissues, walking trainers, suncream/hat... Also take immodium and rehydration salts as if if something does make you ill it'll be a struggle without them...believe me i've been there!!! Seriously not nice!! lol!

Kate :)

Hi Kate 

Awesome!! Loving the fact the most of the essentials are toilet based.  Hope I don't spend the entire trip sat on the loo!!  That's the last thing I want because the food sounds great and I don't want to miss out on it.

5 am is a nice early start for you.  I'll make sure to look out for someone who looks completely shattered in the queue at the airport. :-)

Think it will be a great trip, really looking forward to it.



Haha! ...didn't realise i'd focused on the toilet based items! I guess it benefits the whole group if we all keep well tho!! lol!

The food will be interesting for me as i'm a veggie...do absolutely love couscous and veg tagine tho so may have to eat that everyday! I hope there's some yummy sweet treats too!

Yeah good old Nat Express never run at the exact times you want! I'll be there 7.30am so prob at the front of the queue...if not asleep on a bench!

The trip looks busy but awesome!! ...let us know if you think of any other essential items!! 

K :)

Can't think of anything else apart from the obvious things, loose change for tips and toilets, sun cream for the sun etc.  A bit of Arabic and French would be useful especially as I know English and German so I'll fit right in!

Anyone taking a laptop to back up photos or are people just taking millions of memory cards?  From the looks of it there will be LOTS of photo opportunities.


Hi All,

We booked this trip some time ago, finally got around to getting here though. I'm Ian (40 years old) and this is my second Exodus trip. I went to Peru for the other one on my own (having friends like Laura's friends), and had a great time. Exodus/the rep were great, going with a big company got us around a few strikes there, where the locals block the streets. That group was great, all 16 of us got along very well and there was a good mix of people (which sounds like this group too)

As for what to bring, if my last Exodus trip was anything to go by, bags of energy and enthusiasm - because that one packed a lot in and involved some early mornings. Unfortunately some of the food didn't agree with me so I'll second the stomach remedies, but they did take us to some great places to eat.

Andy I'm just taking memory cards, soo much lighter than a laptop.


Nice to meet you.  Not long to go now, getting pretty excited about it.  Really looking forward to the camel trek into the Sahara.  That will be very cool indeed!


Hey guys!

Nice to meet you Ian! 

I can't believe its just a few weeks away now!!!! I had all the best intentions of learning a bit of the lingo and have successfully done nothing! Oops!

I'm just taking a couple of SD cards too, laptop seems like too much hassle, plus although i will do my best to pack as light as possible i know from experience how rubbish i am at doing so!

I just checked the weather too, temp seems to range 20-25C daytime to 7-11C at night, being hotter in the day but also cooler at night in the south....in case anyone's thinking of packing soon!

K :) 

Not thinking of packing just yet!! Got a couple of new bits and bobs for when I do though.



And here is the Scandinavian touch to the Moroccan trip. My name is Bengt and I am travelling together with Kirsten. I am Swedish - Kirsten is Danish and we live in Copenhagen. We are both in our mid 40'ies. Kirsten works for an insurance company and I have been in the IT industry for 20 years...until I decided to do something completely different. Now I and Kirsten have a partytruck company together...I will tell more about this over a few beers....

 We are lookig forward to meeting you all.





Wow, what an intriguing intro!! ;) ...we're all going to want to hear about this partytruck!!!!

I can't believe its less than a week away now...very excited!!! ...can't wait to meet you all too! 

K :) 


Since Kirsten and I have arranged our own flight we decided to

spend an extended weekend in Casablanca. So we will leave already tomorrow.

Weather report will follow. 


Nice to meet you.  Have a good flight and I'll see you both in Morocco on Sunday.  Hopefully catch up with the rest of you at Heathrow.

Just packing my bag now!  Need some new socks though.  Going to head to the airport (well, a hotel) on Saturday to get a good rest in before the trip.  School has been very busy towards the end of term so a bit of relaxation will be great.

Not long to go now.... 


Kirsten and I have arrived i Casablanca late last night. Weather cooler than expected with a little wind and partly clouded. Tempereature around 20 degrees celsius. The fleece we packed proved useful when we had breakfast on the terrace. See you in a couple of days.



Kirsten and I have arrived i Casablanca late last night. Weather cooler than expected with a little wind and partly clouded. Tempereature around 20 degrees celsius. The fleece we packed proved useful when we had breakfast on the terrace. See you in a couple of days.



Glad to hear you made it there ok! I just checked the weather and it shows rain showers for the next week! eek! ...is it raining there now? ...i was hoping for warmth and sun sun sun!! :)

Enjoy the next few days and see you at some point on Sunday! ...and hopefully some of you other at Heathrow?!

K :) 

Thanks for the weather update.  Waterproof, fleece and hoddie packed!  Heading off to airport after lunch.

See you tomorrow.



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