Hi my name is Maureen and i am booked on this trip in August.  I have been away several times with Exodus and i was told this tri[ was well worth going on.  It would be lovely to hear from someone....

Hi Maureen, I've just come back from this tour a couple of weeks ago. Simply the best tour I have done thanks in part to a great travelling companions (I was a single traveller & didn't know anyone) and our fantastic guide Laz and our driver Orlando. Too many great experiences and memories too choose from - favourite place of mine was Trinidad as well as the walk to Casto's mountain hideout. Some advice: changing money at the airport its handy to have £20 notes with no writing on and in good condition. Also see if they will give you 20 and 10 CUC notes. I found the 50 CUC notes almost impossible to exchange or use in small restaurants or stalls etc. Also hold on to 25c coins as very handy for toilet trips as well as packets of tissues and antibacterial wipes etc. Expect the unexpected! was the mantra for the trip and I'm sure you will have a great time. Be prepared to take lots of photos. Happy travels. Lucy :)

Hi Lucy,  Thanks so much for the information on the money exchange, it will be used.  I am really looking forward to it.... Did you find that you were in a different hotel most nights?  Just checking as i have been on other Exodus trips where this is the case and trying to work the itinery out it seems that we will be...  The walk to Castro's mountain, did you find it difficult and is it a very steep climb?

There are many questions i would like to ask but i wont bother you.  I would appreciate if you can answer the above questions tho.  Many thanks, Maureen 

Hi Maureen, We stayed in nine different hotels over the whole trip. The first few days it was a different hotel every night as you do much of the travelling heading east. Best advice regarding hotels is try and keep night stuff, washbag and change of clothes near the top of your case. As sometimes you get to hotel late and it makes it simpler not having to unpack everything to find what you need. I'll have to check back on my itinery to see when we stayed in a hotel for more than 1 night. Castro walk was steep and rocky in places with either steep slope or graduated steps. I would say walking shoes/shoes with good grip would be a must (especially if it rains) and if you are a bit unsteady or need a bit of extra help a walking pole may help too. I am recovering from a back injury but I managed it although I took it slow going up steps. We started the walk early to avoid much of the heat/humidity but a sun hat and water were essential. El Castillo hotel in Baracoa was an old fort with great views over baracoa but killer set of steps leading up to it - so I took the road route. Let me know if I can be of any more help. Lucy


I've also done this trip and had a fantastic time! Will second all of Maureen's comments. The year I went (2009) they changed the itinerary slightly to do more two night stays as in previous years the feedback was that you were moving too much. It was still changing most nights, but nice to have the odd 'rest'. THere was one hotel  in the middle (can't remember which, sorry) which was much higher class than the others and everyone got some laundry done so wardrobe was refreshed for the rest of the trip! The Sierra Madre (Castro's hideaway) walk was done by all ages in my group, some in sandals (albeit, the proper walkign sandals). I hope you like mojitos! Enjoy it.  

Hi Maureen

I'm booked on this Cuban trip and just can't wait. I've been with Exodus a few time too and always found them great.

Thanks everyone for your tips here - very useful. I will take my walking boots after all. As for the mojitos - bring them on!!


Sorry i dont know your name but thanks for replying.  I am really looking forward to it, it is coming round so quickly....

See you in just over 3 weeks.  I am sure we will have a wonderful time...  I am just hoping the walk up to Castro's camp is not too bad but i have been getting different thoughts on whether it is bad or not but Exodus told me it would be ok....

Cant wait!  Maureen 

Oh yea. Sorry forgot my user name didn't state it. It's Claire.

 Getting pretty excited now so really can't wait. leaving Bristol at 4.45am on the 16th to get to Gatwick but I'm sure getting up won't be a problem as I'll buzzing to get going by then. See you soon.



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