Hello to all Brown Bear watchers!

Are you getting excited?



         Although I am not in your group (mine leaves 31 August), yes, I am getting excited. When I saw that no one had responded to your message (despite your approaching departure), I decided to chime in. I hope you will post your reflections on the trip once it is completed.

Best of luck,




Hi Jim

Thanks for the mail; yes I sure will post how it goes. I expect not everyone realises about this forum which is a shame; they should perhaps promote it more once people have actually booked e.g. on their booking email. Anyway, hope you have fun too.


Hi Sarah,

It's good to virtually meet you!

Apologies for the very late response to your post, I have meaning to reply and life took over!

Can't believe we are less than two weeks away from our departure, this is my first time travelling with Exodus. 

Have you watched any of the Brown Bear documentaries that were on recently?



Hi Jana

No I haven't; keep meaning to watch on "catch up"; can you remember the name of the programme(s)?


The one on the BBC recently is called 'Great Bear Stakeout'

Oh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, I will watch it. Thanks. Are you taking euro? It says you can change euro once in Romania.

Hi Sarah,

Yes I think that sounds like the best plan as I don't think we'll be spending much within the first few days. Wasn't sure whether to take a very small amount of Romanian currency just in case of need to buy drinks etc?

I wonder whether the sun will shine for us?!

I bought a new pair of hiking boots as my pair were falling apart but realised I haven't got long to wear them in! Will bring lots of plasters!

Are you ready to go?

Do you know how many people there are in our group?






 I am not going to take Romanian currency as it says there will be opportunity to exchange once there and we may get a better idea of how much to change (you can't export it so want to be as accurate as possible).

Not sure about the weather; the site seems to mention 18 degrees with chances of rain but I could be reading that wrong. I need to buy a couple of things; are you taking a pack or a suitcase?

There are 11 on the group and it is now closed, is what I was told. A good age range too, which I like.

You best get wearing in those boots!


Hi Sarah

Thanks that's helpful to know about the currency. 

I'll be taking a suitcase as we are only staying in one place.

11 sounds like a good number!

I'm just trying to prepare for a job interview on Monday so still haven't worn the boots in...maybe I'll wear them to work next week!

Does everyone travel on the same flight do you know?

 Hope you're having a good weekend.




Everyone gets the same flight unless they have chosen not to e.g. coming from another country or can't make the flight for some other reason. We'll be there this time next week and it will be my birthday!!

Good luck with the interview.


Thank you, I won't hear anything until Wednesday.

That's exciting about your birthday!

See you at the airport then...


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