Hello all travellers ....MOC CYCLE INDOCHINA AND ANGKOR Departure date 08/01/11

Hi All

 My name is Martin and I'm travelling on the above trip and wanted to introduce myself to any other travellers on the same. Just wondered how fit people are and how much training they are all doing? Any expert cyclists with any tips? Should be fun.




Fred Hall

Hi Martin,

I am going on this trip. I do a fair bit of cycling here in Scotland. The issue in my opinon will be humidity which makes effort twice as hard. I would suggest you have to be able to replicate the daily distance involved in the tour in this climate either outdoors or on a exercise cycle in a Gym as a minimum training standard. Look forward to meeting up



Ian here, so we have Fred from Scotland and Martin from ???

There are 4 of us on this trip from Brandon in Suffolk.
There is me Ian, 51, my wife Sandra 45, and our friends Jan and Roger, a bit younger than us.
We are all runners, all done marathons.
I am not a every day cyclist, but off of virtually no cycle training went off and did a 75 miler with no ill effects. Sandra and I did a couple oflong rides during the summer.
We have a turbo trainer in the garage which will soon take some hammering.

Look forward to meeting you guys, and hearing some more from you on here soon


This is Martin from Essex so stock up on all your Essex boy jokes lol.

Ooooh this is getting daunting, you guys all sound so fit already! Guess I'll be the back marker! haha

Got my Vietnam visa sorted today and my malaria tablets so I'm getting very excited now and cant wait ...although with this snowy/icy weather its hard to do some training and with Xmas around the corner, the calories will be piling on.  I'm sure we'll have a great time though and get away from this cold! Fred may thaw out by then as well!

Cheers MArtin





I'm  Judy from Jersey!  My partner is meeting me in Ho Chi Minh after the trip as we are staying on and he isn't mad keen on cycling (or exercise come to that) - I am the complete opposite and run and/or bike most days but I'm erring on the wrong side of... oh well never mind! 

Are you all flying out with the group?  I arrive on the Friday afternoon so will have Saturday out and about - let me know if anyone else is going to be around that day. 

 You're right about the humidity it'll be like going from sub zero to tropics that's what is going to be so exhausting. 

Byeee for now


Hi everyone,
My brother Gregory and I will be arriving late Friday night in Bangkok, and look forward to traipsing around Saturday as well, Judy from jersey. We will be staying at the Royal Baja in Bangkok Friday and Saturday nights. Both Gregory and I enjoy cycling and try to ride together one day a weekend for 4 or 5 hours. We have been very slack of late, however, and probably have been out cycling together once in the last month. Greg is 49 and I am his "little"sister at 46. We are both very excited to join everyone and look forward to a great adventure.
See you all soon,
Mairzee Almas

Hi Everyone

So we have:- 

Martin - Essex

Fred - Scotland

Judy - Jersey (what's your partners name and where from?)

Mairzee & Greg - Vancouver

Ian (me) & Sandra - Brandon, Suffolk

Jan & Roger - Brandon, Suffolk

plus 8 others I believe.

Not long to go now. Anti maleria starts for me this weekend, I'm the cheapskate taking the doxy...... whatever it's called. My wife Sandra is going for Malarone. What are you guys and gals taking? Also I'd be interested to know what you are all wearing on your feet. Anyone taking SPD's? trainers? sandals? What currencies are you taking? How much?

Getting all excited now.

See you all soon



Crikey Ian so many questions! 

Partner is Kevin not coming just me - he said I can drive you lot mad instead of him! 

I'm wearing north face hiking trainers and my running shoes so I can swap them around.  I have big feet so it looks like I am wearing granite bricks but better than sandals as they look like flippers!!

Malarone - nearly died when the Chemist said '£120 please' if there are any left at the end of my holiday I will be selling them on e bay. (only joking)

US dollars in cash (I shant tell you where I am going to stash them - but hopefully I'll remember)  am going to get some Bahts at the airport.

Apparently  there are only six men on the trip so you'll be outnumbered big time - there's another man lurking out there somewhere, perhaps we will drive you to drink!

Not long now just got back from two hours and am knackered - it didn't help that my friend decided to use her road bike but Ive taken the saddle off mine just in case the ones they have are awful and couldn't be bothered to screw it back on.

Yes, getting excited going in the loft for the case now :)

Marzee and Greg do you fancy meeting up to do some sightseeing on Saturday?

Over and out


I'm also on the Malarone but I only paid £61 for mine...Tesco's ...every little helps :)

I'm also going mad on the footwear as I've not done anything like this before so bit uncertain what to take.... think my suitcase will be maxed out at 20kg!! haha... I've got 2 pairs of trainers, evening mules and also some walking sandals.

My training hasnt gone well with all the snow and I also strained my groin down the gym about 3weeks ago so not good.... got to take it slow and steady.

I've also got a few bahts with me but everything else is in US$



Hi Mairzee

I arrive Friday at half four but leave Jersey Thursday first thing and am also staying at Royal Benja (same place as you think the name has been lost in translation somewhere!  I thought of doing a day trip and Exodus said the hotel were very helpful and would probably have ideas/contacts/flyers although I do have the essential bangkok guide!  Ive a feeling it might be the blind leading the blind......my sense of direction extends to left and right and not much more



Anyone planning on running at all whilst on our trip?


You are right, of course Judy, we are staying at the Royal Benja hotel. What fun. We can leave messages for each other at the front desk when we emerge from our slumber some time Saturday. I'm sure I will be awake early, filled with excitement.



Hello M

Saturday ill be awake as I dont think I can handle two nights in one day!  Im an early person and if it is daylight Ill be awake and raring to go.


Perfect! Me too


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