Hello to all who just did the Kenya Tanzania/Zanzibar trip

Hi everyone, just wanted to let u all know me and Jerry both got home safely, and in 1 piece :-)

And just to let Landy know I took todays malarone already, so no need to remind me!!!!

Also where did David and Avey get to??? Missed saying goodbye at Heathrow :-(

so wheres next years destination then??? I hve started looking already!!!


Hello  to all our friends from the Kenya Tanzania trip.  We had a great holiday and ejoyed the friendship of everyone on the trip. I am still wading through my photos and am happy to share them with anyone from the trip. Best wishes Marion and Dennis

Doreen Thomas

Glad to hear you are all back ok and that sandra is not still waiting at wickford station for her boyfriend, ,some of my photos are on facebook, find me by my email address, Im glad to be back but keep looking for the next holiday

Hey Doreen, I have just booked a week in the Azores to do whale watching, Im going in May  :-)


Have you got room for a little landy in your bag?

Hey Landy, thought u had died????? U fancy whale watching then???? And i think I have found next yrs holiday :-) Looking like Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February again. Anyway hows u???


Hi, how come  people think i am dead? last week at work when i was at my station for my night shift, another crew rung the station to tell my crew mate that i would not be in for my shifts as they had seen me in the morning and that i was ill? Anyhow did you not see a large white whale with a union jack towel on holiday? hope you are keeping well ,you can see my photos on face book. xx

So did u get lots of lovely piccys? I dont do facebook, maybe u cud e-mail me a few good ones?


the union jack towel is currently in use in uganda


Voluntary work in conservation

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