Hello to anyone on the AZE Southern Africa Game Parks trip 23rd July 2011


Would love to hear from anyone going on this trip. I have just booked it with only a couple of weeks to go, so am really excited, but a little apprehensive, as I will be travelling alone for the first time. 

Is anyone else on the group flights from Heathrow?

I did the Kenya and Tanzania trip a couple of years ago and it was amazing, so I can't wait for this one!

Hope to hear from any of you!




I am also going on the trip! My wife can't get the time off so I am going on my own!I visited  several of the areas we visit four years ago whilst volunteering.

 I think I may be going on a different flight from Heathrow _ I was told I join the rest of the group for the flight from Johannesburg!



Hi Stephen

Good to hear from you! I 'm kind of in the same boat really, my boyfriend is off taking a group of scouts to the world Scout Jamboree in Sweden for three weeks and I'm a teacher so its the summer holidays so rather than stay at home bored I thought I would book onto this trip!

Whats the story behind your photo? Was it taken whilst you were volunteering? It looks amazing!

Hopefully catch up with you in Johannesburg or Victoria Falls!


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